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Affordable and Sustainable Fashion Brands

Sustainable is the New Sexy.   While celebrating Earth Day this past weekend, I began thinking about all of the ways I negatively impact the environment.  The first thing that came to mind was my tendency for frivolous purchases when it comes to clothing.  The Fashion Industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, second only to Big Oil.  Over the past decade, the cost of clothing has actually gone down due to the demands of quick turnover and the rapid movement of trends.  Fast-fashion companies especially wreak havoc on the environment by producing thousands of styles at any given time, to be worn on a few occasions, and then thrown away.  People don't often think about the workers behind their labels....

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Alternative Festival Season Looks

How To Dress For Festival Season Your Way   Festival season kicks off this weekend with famous the two weekend event, Coachella.  If you are one of those lucky enough to attend this years Coachella festival, then I bet you have put a lot of time and thought into your wardrobe for this see and be seen event.  With talent from all over the world performing, including headlining artists like Radiohead, Lady Gaga, and Kendrick Lamar, there is never a dull moment. With the rising popularity of Coachella, more retailers than ever are cashing in on festival trends, debuting special collections dedicated to these summer events.  Because the festival look has become so accessible, these watered down looks have been deemed as...

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How to Accessorize Athleisure Like a Pro

Because nobody does Athleisure like this Hadid sister In honor of Bella Hadid’s enviable sporty and sexy off-duty style, I have put together some of her best looks from the past year.  Her ability to rock sweatpants and heels are truly an inspiration, as Hadid nails this trend time and time again.  It is due to her famous style that she has landed her first collaboration with luxury brand, Chrome Hearts.  The exclusive collection debuted at Paris Fashion Week, and has yet to launch.  With Bella and her sister Gigi rocking some pieces on Instagram, a lot of hype has been created around this collaboration and I can't wait to see this exclusive collection in full.  While health and fitness...

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Spring Trends To Invest In This Season

Your Survival Guide To Spring Dressing With Spring right around the corner, it can be tough freshening up your wardrobe and deciding whether to buy classic vs. trendy pieces.  If you're huge fan of high, low dressing like I am, this is your shopping guide that won't break the bank.  Baecation If you didn't Instagram everything from your vacation, did you even really go?  Here are some Insta worthy pieces that will keep your vacation stylish and sexy. This season saw a resurgence in many sunglass styles from the past.  From octagonal shapes, to Keanu Reeves' The Matrix glasses, fun frames are hot this season.  My favorite glasses trend this season is the cat eye frame.  Style icons from the Hadid...

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Jewelry Trends For Fall 2017

The Trends You May Have Missed From Fall '17 Kicking Fashion Month off in New York, fashion and politics seemed to go hand in hand. Most of the designers who showed seemed to have agreed on making their voices heard through their collections.  As Anna Wintour reminisces on NYFW, she reflects on the widespread optimism and celebration of women from all walks of life.  Even Hillary Clinton got in on the action, pairing a gold, statement necklace with a  hot pink Oscar De La Renta wool coat.  While the fashion was loud, much of the jewelry was understated and served as a perfect accent to each look.  Mismatched earrings, ear cuffs, and chokers were prevalent on the runways.  These trends...

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