10 Clues That Your Style Maybe Boho Chic

Boho Chic. It’s been in the fashion work on and off in different guises since the early 1990’s. In reality many elements have been popular since the 1960s and some date even further back to the mid to late 19th century. Do you describe your style as boho chic? How does one know if their style is boho chic? What is boho chic?? Here are 10 clues that your style may be boho chic.

What is boho chic?

Boho chic is a style of fashion that draws from various bohemian and hippie influences. “Boho” is an abbreviation of “Bohemian Homeless.” “Chic” has come to mean stylish or elegant. So the main factor in being boho chic is that the look is very comfy and nonchalant but still fashionable.

  1. Maxis Are Your Best Friend.

Maxi skirts and maxi dresses are one of your go-to staples. The basic outline and flowing style make maxis the perfect base for a boho chic ensemble. Keep it a basic solid color to build a look on or choose a fun geometric or natural pattern.

  1. Boots Are Invading Your Closet.

Whether they’re ankle boots or combat boots, you know the value of cute boots. Keep them in neutral colors so that you can pair them with most of your daily looks.

  1. Your Hair Is Rarely Done Without A Headwrap or Headband.

While you may be able to rock the best DIY braid crown, many of your hair styles include a chic headband or headwrap. You may have even tried a headscarf on occasion. Whether it’s a metallic piece or flowery in nature, you know how the perfect headband can make an outfit go the extra mile.

  1. Gladiator Sandals Solve The Flip-Flop Dilemma.

Still summery and very comfortable, gladiator sandals are your go-to shoe when you’re not rocking those boots. A step-up from flip-flops in the fashion world, but still versatile and effortless.

  1. Cardigans And Vests Are A Main Accessory.

Usually of either a knit or lace variety your cardigans and vests put the finishing touch on your boho chic look.

  1. Floppy Hats Make The Cut.

You realize that every girl needs at least one floppy hat in her closet. Perfect for a day beachside or for a casual girls day out, your floppy hat is always an option.

  1. Tunic Tees and Blouses Are In Majority.

Next to your maxis is a variety of tees and blouses that are tunic like and flowy. Super comfy and will match nearly every type of bottom, these are a must-have.

  1. Unique Jewelry Is Your Middle Name.

Your jewelry box may or may not be overflowing with chunky, earthy, and unique jewelry. Unique pieces for those statement days and dainty counterparts to layer effortlessly. You can never have too many choices.

  1. Eye Catching Prints Are Your Weakness.

Whether it’s a fun geometric print or a one that features natural elements you can never pass up an eye catching print and your closet is full of them.

  1. You Know These Names.

At one point or another Sienna Miller, Kate Moss or Mary-Kate Olsen was your fashion idol. Maybe one, maybe all but these are the top names in boho chic styles.

Your style may be boho chic if you were able to identify with some of these points. Be sure to browse our jewelry collection to find the perfect match to your ensemble, whether boho chic or just chic.

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