St. Barths Fashion and Chic Jewelry

Today, we’re taking a trip to the idyllic island of Saint Barthelemy. Often called St. Barths, this French speaking island was first spotted in 1493 by Christopher Columbus and then later occupied by the French in 1648. Now, this 8 square mile island of volcanic rock is a dream-like hub of chic hotels and fantastic fashion. There are very few places in the world as chic as St. Barths. It describes itself as “the most unusual of the French West Indies Islands,” on the St. Barths website.

Great Shopping In Saint Barthelemy

Oceana from Mignot St. Barth

Amidst the vivid blue sky, large iguanas, glittering turquoise sea and blooming cacti is the capital of Gustavia. This busy port is the heart of the island, surrounding a small, sheltered harbor. The citizens of St. Barths have been able to infuse the island’s authenticity with a sense of opulence. In Gustavia there are three major shopping streets and a village that are a must see. Boutiques of all kinds line these areas. Here you will find designers that include Hermes, Bulari, Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Chopard, just to name a few. Quai de la Republique, which is right on the harbour, rivals London’s Bond Street and New York’s Madison Avenue. The other two great streets for shopping are the Rue du Roi Oscar II and Rue du General de Gaulle. Walking around these streets you will find some really great boutiques with a lot of trendy and chic fashion choices. Don’t forget the little village of St. Jean. This area of Gustavia is known for it’s boutique and shopping choices. It’s definitely worth going from one end of these shopping areas to the other so that you don’t miss any of these fabulous finds!

One such boutique that is not to be missed for anyone who loves St. Barths style is Vanita Rosa. The fashion line was started in St. Barths in 2000 by designer Valerie Bourdin. Inspired by the beautiful island’s landscape, her clothes are truly beautiful. This former model only uses the most stunning fabrics: silk, linen, cashmere and the lace of Calais are only a few examples. Celebrities such as Jane Fonda and Ivana Trump love to wear the elegant and chic designs created by Vanita Rosa.

St. Barths Jewelry Spotlights

In addition to stunning clothing fashion choices St. Barths inspired jewelry is absolutely breathtaking. Jewelry from St. Barths is known to spotlight the stunning Tahitian Pearl and Black Pearl. Most of the jewelry showcased here features natural elements and have a bold, edgy sense of style. Whether you’re looking for something elegant, something chic and edgy or something to show off some island fun you are sure to find the jewelry style you’re looking for in St. Barths.

Jewelry Inspired by St. Barths

Pearl Choker Necklace from Melroso
Whether you live in St. Barths or just visit for a short time, the brilliant surroundings and chic atmosphere bring out the beauty and fashion in everyone. Everyone looks beautiful in St. Barths. Safe numbers are exchanged for vibrant colors, unique prints, and mouth watering sparkle. CNN ranked the local Saline Beach #5 in the list of top 100 beaches of the world. Visit St. Barths in the season, and you’ll see many famous faces modeling the wonderful trends such as Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani, and Miranda Kerr. We love the sense of wonder and chic personality the St. Barths fashion and jewelry exudes. We’ve pulled some of our jewelry pieces from our collections, that embody these ideals and trends. Check out some of our St. Barths inspired jewelry today!

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