8 Jewelry Hacks You Can't Live Without

What makes the world go round? Some people would say love, money, kindness, happiness, but nearly every busy woman would say time. Everything is based on time: appointments, activities, meetings, meals, breaks, bed, television. Everything in life takes time out of our day to complete, and it seems like there is never enough time to get what we need done, let alone things we WANT to do. Thus enter - the life hack. Life is full of them now. Hacks for wardrobe choices, hacks for easy meals, hacks for toddler proofing your house, hacks for design and storage. We’re here to give you back some of the time (and money) in your day with some awesome jewelry hacks! Every girl from those with just a few pieces to jewelry extraordinaires needs these simple jewelry hacks in their life.

Use Beer to Clean Gold Jewelry

It’s not what you think, I promise. Use beer or ale to clean your gold jewelry such as our Hamsa Necklace. The natural acidity of the drink will dissolve and lift away dirt and grime, making your fabulous jewelry sparkle like new.

Try Ketchup on Brass and Silver Jewelry

Yummy on cheeseburgers AND great for cleaning your silver and brass jewelry. Just put a dab of ketchup on a clean cloth, rub said jewelry, and then gently rinse and buff with a different clean cloth.

Dark Metal Jewelry Hides Wear

We’re all on a budget and sometimes we just want an eye catching piece of jewelry that’s not going to make you eat Ramen for a week. When purchasing cheap jewelry, go with darker and heavier metals. Light, metallic jewelry tends to show wear quicker and look cheaper when not authentic.

Avoid Discoloring Your Jewelry

Sweat, ocean water, and perfume are some of the hardest things on jewelry and make the finish discolor quickly. Let’s face it. We may be willing to avoid the gym, but who’s really willing to give up the beach and perfume?! No one, so when you engage in these activities, put your jewelry in a safe place to wait for you until you are finished.

Spray Paint Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry is making a boom in fashion at the moment, but it’s susceptible to chipping, which is sad. To make your costume jewelry stand up to your life better give it a quick, light spray of clear gloss acrylic spray. Make sure you clean your jewelry piece really well first, because the spray will lock in any dirt or smudges. Let dry completely before wearing or you may end up a bit more attached to your jewelry than you’d like.

Spritz Window Cleaner on Rings

We’ve all had rings get stuck before. Either we misjudged the size or activities caused the finger to swell. Spray the stuck ring with window cleaner, it will lubricate the ring and shrink the skin, making the ring easier to remove.

Baby Powder Helps Untangle Necklaces

If your jewelry does get (or already is) tangled, sprinkle it with baby powder and use a pin to help you untangle them.

Paperclips Help With Bracelets

I do not know a single person who has not struggled at least once in their life to clasp a bracelet. Some bracelets are easier than others, but there’s always at least one. Halfway unfold a paperclip, slipping one hook through the clasp and holding the other end with your fingers while you clasp your bracelet on. Makes life MUCH easier.

The struggle is real, but we can make it easier. Jewelry doesn’t have to be a time-eater in your day. Try some of these jewelry hacks to lessen the load. Have you tried any of these hacks? How did they work for you? Do you have a hack that makes your life easier? Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to check back for our jewelry hacks for storage and traveling!



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