Best & Easiest Ways To Break A Style Rut

It’s happened to all of us. No reason to be ashamed. We’ve all woken up one day, looked into our closets and realized the truth. Have you worn that shirt more than twice in the last three weeks? Have you worn the same style pant more times than not this week? Have you looked into your closet and seen the same color palette repeated? Have you said to yourself “I have nothing to wear” recently? If you answered yes to any of these questions - you may be in a style rut. It’s okay, we can help! Here are some basic steps you can take to break out of your style rut without breaking the bank.

Simple Shoe Swaps

This is an easy fix to help you ditch that style rut. It’s very simple - if you have a tendency to wear heels regularly switch to a flat shoe, like a cute van, sandal or ballet shoe. And vise versa, if you’re a flat girl, spice things up with some heels. Manrepeller recommends giving pumps a second chance. You’ll be amazed at how different an outfit can look with a simple shoe swap.

Ditch The Pants

Okay, well maybe not entirely, but you should switch up your pant choice once in awhile. Do you live in your jeans? Ditch the jeans and try a different type of pant. Switch up the length and try a cute and sassy capri. Just love the look and feel of denim? Try switching things up with a cute denim skirt - you’ll feel your style rejuvenating.

Add a Color Pop

We get it, we do. A closet full of neutrals is just an easy way to ensure that your ensembles can be quickly and easily be assembled without the worry of matching. But sometimes neutrals can get boring and quickly get you stuck in a style rut. Try adding a pop of color once in awhile. Maybe a dark green blazer or a bright shirt layered under your neutral look. InStyle suggests making one of your accessories your accent color if you’re not into bright clothing.

Try Bold Jewelry

You can switch up your style without actually changing any clothing. A simple jewelry switch can do wonders for changing your entire look. Try a bright, chunky bracelet for a simple fix with fun flare. Big, bold earrings are an easy way to achieve a look you want and change the look of an ensemble. Add a necklace or two to your normal look for a more layered look.

A style rut isn’t the end of the world. Break the cycle by trying one of the tips above. You can even change the way you do your hair or try a bold lipstick to spice things up. You don’t have to break the bank to break the rut. Weary of switching things up? Start out small and slow with simple, easy changes. You don’t have to go all in, but we guarantee you a simple switch in one of these areas with spice up life just enough, you will be able to feel the change. Let us know how you broke your style rut! Check out our jewelry collections to get some inspiration.

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