8 Travel Jewelry Hacks to Make Your Packing Easier

We discovered some brilliant hacks in our post 8 Jewelry Hacks You Can’t Live Without. Beer and Ketchup have officially taken on a new light and purpose in our lives; not to mention that it saves us quite a bit of time and money in our day to day lives. There are life hacks for every aspect of life, we’ve given you a few for your jewelry collection, but what about us women that travel frequently? We either travel with a very limited jewelry selection or we run the risk of losing or damaging our precious and coveted pieces. Well, enough is enough. We’re here to give you back your jewelry options when you’re traveling the globe! Every woman who wants to retain their style while traveling, needs these simple travel jewelry hacks in their life.

Use straws to avoid tangled necklaces

Slip one end of your necklace chain through a straw and then clasp it. This easy hack will save your necklaces from tangling in storage or during travel.

Further protect by rolling in a t-shirt

Take those strawed necklaces and lay them out on a t-shirt. Slowly and gently roll the t-shirt up with the necklaces inside to protect them even further during travel. When at your new destination, simply unroll the t-shirt slowly to have access to your beloved jewels.

Stick necklaces for more tangle-proof travel

Another great way to store necklaces and other jewelry during travel, to avoid tangling, is to place it between two pieces of plastic wrap. It’s sticky enough that it will hold the jewelry in place (and maybe save you a bit of room).

Affix earrings and studs to avoid loss

So much time is wasted digging through a jewelry box to find the pair to the stud you want to wear. LifeHack recommends sticking those studs through the holes of a button to keep them together. You could stick them in a small decorative pillow to keep them organized for a bit more of a classier display alternative.

Utilize a pillbox to keep organized

Store rings, earrings and other small jewelry pieces in the handy slots of a pillbox. The lids close nice and tight to avoid lost jewelry and pillboxes are available in a variety of sizes to meet your jewelry collection needs.

Fill an empty pill bottle

Stick those studded buttons and precious rings in an empty pill bottle to save some space and keep it all together. Decorate the outside of the pill bottle with a decorative washi tape to keep it stylish and fun.

String bracelets through a toilet paper roll

String your bracelets through a toilet paper roll and clasp to avoid lost and tangled bracelets. For bangles and non-clasp cuff see the next travel jewelry hack.

Slide bangles around a rolled t-shirt

Roll a t-shirt so that it is long, and thick enough to hold bangles and cuffs. Slip these non-clasp bracelets over the t-shirt to avoid them getting bent or lost during travel.

There’s a different kind of struggle to keep your jewelry stored and safe when you’re traveling. But it doesn’t have to be a mind bender any more. Try some of these travel jewelry hacks to lessen the load. Now you can save time packing and enjoy your vacation or business trip without having to worry about how your jewelry fared the flight and if it’s all still there. Have you tried any of these hacks? How did they work for you? Do you have a hack that makes your travel life easier? Share with us in the comments below!

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