Body Chains At Forefront of Body Jewelry Summer Trends

Body adornments have been around for centuries, making an appearance in the spotlight before disappearing into the background again. They are certainly starting to push their way to the forefront once again. With summer here we will see more and more body jewelry appear in day to day outfits. Anklets, handwraps, and armbands are all very suitable body jewelry selections for your summer fashion look but the starlet of this season’s trends is the body chain. Delicate chains that mimic a fine bracelet or anklet wrap around the body in a unique fashion.

Body chains are gorgeous chains that have a nearly identical makeup to link bracelets, only these are small, more delicate and obviously on a longer scale. Body chains can be long or short and come in all kinds of styles, just like other types of jewelry, which allows you to pick the perfect one for your needs. The most common options are silver and gold because these are both very versatile metals and seem to match everything. However, you will also find these stunning pieces of body jewelry in other metals like rose gold, brass and even black varieties. These differences in sizes and design options make body chains perfect for a dressy occasion, make a casual outfit look more refined or to accentuate the sexy look you’ve got going on at the beach.

How exactly do you wear a body chain?

Like most all other jewelry, however you would like. This decision is entirely up to you. A lot of women will wear them around their waists like decorative belts or loop them around their necks as extra long necklaces. Many are designed to be worn as a necklace that loops down around the mid-drift and around the back, essentially framing the body and earning its title: the body chain. The latter can be slightly uncomfortable at first, until you get used to the feeling of wearing a body chain. The most important thing to keep in mind when wearing a body chain is to own it. Strut your stuff, be confident in your style choice and embrace it. Confidence is essential when stepping out of your comfort zone (which may sound odd, but it’s true.)

Like necklaces, rings and other types of jewelry, a body chain isn’t limited to just one type of outfit. This sexy accessory can completely transform any look. Amp up the sex appeal while you’re soaking up the sun in your barely-there bikini and add a delicate body chain underneath. This is an easy way to spice up a solid bikini or make a print stand out even more. This is a very common way to see a body chain worn, but you don’t have to be lounging at the beach or poolside to take advantage of this summer trend. Layer a crop top over your new sultry jewelry and pair with a simple midi skirt, or structured short. You’re going to want to keep these types of outfits as basic as possible so that your body chain doesn't get tangled in various layers of clothing. Don’t worry, your body chain and other jewelry will spice up the outfit for you.

Try layering the body chain over a cute sundress to give your summer go-to a boost in the right direction. Body chains aren’t only for summer casual dress, add it to an evening outfit as well to keep your edgy style in a graceful and classic way. Layer your delicate body chain over an evening-worthy dress to amplify your already gorgeous self. Not a dress person? OKMagazine suggests wearing a structured blazer over the body chain sans a tank, with a pair of classic black pants. You’ll be the hottest one there.

Just like any other jewelry that you have in your collection, play around with your body chain and explore new ways to wear it with the outfits you have. It may layer perfectly with that necklace you normally wear or keep it simple with just a pair of studs and a midi ring. It’s your style, make it you. And remember to be confident in it. You’ll be rocking this summer’s trend of body jewelry and body chains, having every girl envious and wondering how you do it. We’d love to see how you rock the body chain look - share your look with #mymelroso. Be sure to browse our selection of curated body chains as well as our other body jewelry!

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