Shopping For a Cause

It feels good to go shopping. The excitement of finding a new trend or finally finding that necklace we’ve been looking for, gives us a little boost in our day. That feeling of satisfaction puts a smile on our face. We get a little thrill when we drop it into our cart or hit the buy button. Shopping makes us happy. We even feel happy when we get it home and we try it on again, just to be sure. We do a little dance when we wear it for the first time on that special date. But after a while, we get bored and then we have nothing to wear and nothing to match that outfit. Not exactly true but the novelty of what we’ve bought wears off.

There’s one way to shop so that the novelty doesn’t wear off. So, you’ll always have a little smile when you pull it out of the closet. You’ll have that perfect feeling of satisfaction every time you answer the question of where you found it. If you’re looking for some retail therapy that’ll last, we suggest shopping for a cause. Find a cause and then find purchases that aid that cause. One such purchase is a bag from Dutzi Design Inc. These bags have an amazing story behind them and will leave you with a one of a kind bag and ongoing satisfaction.

Dutzi Design Inc. was founded by Ariane Dutzi in 2008. Founder and designer Ariane Dutzi describes the first half of her life as collecting experiences and wants to spend the second half transmitting to others and creating - and that is just what she is doing.

Dutzi Design Inc. is committed to providing beauty and function in their designs. They are committed to the people, land and culture of the Yucatan, because these are the things that make it all possible. Dutzi provides one of a kind bags and accessories that are designed by Ariane Dutzi, inspired by and made in the Yucatan.

Nothing is mass produced or factory made when it comes to Dutzi Design Inc. All of its products are made with recycled and natural materials and are handcrafted by Mayan men and women. To date, Dutzi has provided twenty-three indigenous Mayan artisans with jobs, handcrafting these beautiful designs. Dutzi’s formula is this: Create Beauty + Create Jobs = Create Happiness, while preserving the environment, culture and traditions.

Dutzi bags are available in their signature burlap, raffia, black, fringe and mecapal. We carry their signature line here at Melroso. These bags and pouches are available in a variety of sizes for different functions. Perfect for a trip to the mall, a day at the beach or to complete your boho-chic ensemble. Dutzi bags are a great way to get your shopping happiness and retain the satisfaction after.

Dutzi combines great design, quality and helping others to produce functional, designer bags. These bags are unique and beautiful, each handmade and one of a kind. The materials are eco-friendly and sourced from recyclable materials. Providing quality products while restoring dignity to families. You can’t get much more satisfactory than that and we fully support that here at Melroso.

Learn more about the Duzi workshop and ethics here: Dutzi Workshop

View Melroso’s Line of Dutzi bags here: Melroso Bags

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