How To Find Your Perfect Ring Size

We’ve all struggled with it, trying on ring after ring trying to decide which one fits best. Get a ring that's too tight and you'll have a fight to get it off again. A ring that's too loose is liable to fall off at the least opportune moment. Oh and ordering rings online? Impossible, you can’t try them on. Right? Wrong. Here are a few different, easy ways to determine your ring size. Now, you can have that ring you’ve been eyeing AND have it fit perfectly. Give these methods a look over and decide which one will work best for you.

Method 1:

-Cut a thin piece of paper, string, thread or ribbon.

- Wrap it snugly around your finger for an accurate fit. Place it below the joint of your finger, close to the knuckle on your hand. Be careful not to wrap it too tight. Aim for a comfortable snug fit.

-Mark the spot where it meets. Make sure the measurement fits easily over your knuckles.

-Measure the distance with a ruler and follow the chart below to find your ring size. Rings come in full and half sizes. Half size measurements will will fall in between the whole sizes.

  • Size 3: 14mm
  • Size 4: 14.8mm (1 13/16 inches)
  • Size 5: 15.6mm (1 15/16 inches)
  • Size 6: 16.45mm (2 1/16 inches)
  • Size 7: 17.3mm (2 ⅛ inches)
  • Size 8: 18.2mm (2 ¼ inches)
  • Size 9: 19.0mm (2 5/16 inches)
  • Size 10: 19.8mm (2 7/16 inches)
  • Size 11: 20.6mm (2 9/16 inches)
  • Size 12: 21/4mm (2 ⅝ inches)
  • Size 13: 22.2mm (2 ¾ inches)

Method 2:

-Follow this link: The Paper Test. Print off the paper ring sizer by Zales.

-Carefully cut out the paper ring sizer

-Create a slit on the line labeled ‘your size’

-Slip the pointed end through the slit, creating a circle

-Place the sizer around your finger and pull the pointed end to create a snug fit

- The number line located at the ‘your size’ slit, is your ring size

Method 3:

-Follow the link in Method 2. Print off the chart of ring size circles

-Find a ring that you or your loved one currently wears. Make sure you/he/she wears that ring on the finger you are shopping for.

-Place the ring on the circles on the chart until you find a perfect match. The match should fit the inside on the ring, perfectly.

There, you have three simple and easy ways to determine what your ring size is. Some helpful tips: ALWAYS double-check for accuracy. If using Method 2 or 3 make sure you print off the sizers at 100%. For the most accuracy, have someone help you measure. Make sure you’re not measuring too tight, aim for a snug, comfortable fit that will easily fit over your knuckles. So, no matter whether you are shopping for yourself or trying to buy that special someone in your life a secret gift, you can now confidently buy the right size ring.

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