Mixing Gold and Silver Jewelry - Yay or Nay

It’s an old debate. It falls in the same categories of wearing white after labor day and women over 40 can’t wear short skirts. Mixing silver and gold jewelry (or mixing metals of any kind) has been seen as incredibly tacky and a major faux pas. Well, that’s no longer the case as many, such as the LA Times, StyleCaster, and Oprah, have recently stated. In fact, the once frowned upon practice has now become one of the hottest fashion trends. Here’s some tips to help you adjust from the all-one-metal mindset, into a more modern outlook.

Tip #1:

Wedding Rings Don’t Factor In

You most likely wear it every day and hardly ever take it off. It’s effectively become a part of you. So, it doesn’t count in your accessory additions. You don’t need to stress that your wedding ring is gold and your favorite necklace is silver. Who needs that stress? From now on, subtract your wedding ring from all further fashion decisions.

Tip #2:

Don’t Try to Match Hardware

Almost everything has hardware on it: purses, boots, sunglasses. They all have zippers, buckles, hinges, ect. There’s no need to worry about making sure these add into your ensemble, unless the hardware is a major part of the piece. If you’re someone that is going to be bothered and stressed by that fact that your boots have silver buckles and your purse is rose gold, we recommend trying to purchase accessories that have less hardware to stress about.

Tip #3:

Make It Look Purposeful

Even though it is trendy and modern, you still need to put some thought into it. When mixing metals it needs to look purposeful and stylish. If it doesn’t look purposeful, it takes on a haphazard appearance and at that point you’ve crossed the fashion line. Make sure that the pieces you chose look like they belong together aesthetically. The styles of your jewelry need to make sense as a combo. Crossing into different styles and different metals is still a no-no. Mix metals but make sure that they make sense.

Tip #4:

Combine With Strategy

There are three different strategies that you can utilize to make use of this new trend.

I. Obtain A Combination Piece: Have at least one piece of jewelry that has the combination of metals you’re mixing already. A necklace that has both silver and gold worked in or a ring with rose gold and silver. Having a piece that already combines them for you will cut your work in half. You just have to add accessories that match what’s already there in color and style.

II. Layer: Layer pieces that have different colored metals in one place. Do you normally wear a set of bangles that are all matching and one color? Find one or two bangles that are of a different metal with the same style and swap them in for ones in your set. Wear a watch of one color and a bracelet of another, all on the same wrist. Wear different rings on the same hand. Stacking mixed metals in one place makes it look intentional and very stylish.

III. Bring In A Third Color: Bringing in a third color will connect two different metal shades. Such as if you were to combine a necklace that was silver and black and a ring that was gold and black. That black acts as an anchor, making the jewelry pieces look more cohesive. This lets you flawlessly mix metals and look well put together.

The days of a single colored metal ensembles are gone. Now, it can appear to be too matchy-matchy instead of modern. It can appear stringent and dated, not to mention it’s difficult to shop for and limits your choices. Adding layers and mixing metals can add warmth and texture to your wardrobe. No more worrying about whether it’s burnished gunmetal, bright yellow gold, pale rose gold, oxidized silver, rhodium or copper, you can make it work. The mixed variations of mixed metal jewelry look great at the beach, under the stars, in the workplace or at music festivals. No longer a faux pas, welcome to mixed metal.


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