Scarves 101: Shapes

Scarves are an important part of fashion and have always been so. They have been around forever, and I mean this almost literally. The first recorded scarf was in 1350 B.C. and belonged to Queen Nefertiti of Egypt. Scarves are extremely versatile and can keep any look fresh and updated. It’s a great way to dress up an outfit or add a pop of color. Best of all it is a perfectly acceptable way of remaining successfully stylish for both genders. So, you may have a closet full of scarves that never get worn because they’re uncomfortable or maybe you’ve seen the trend and are wondering how to get started with it. Here, we have your basic guide to scarves. Scarves 101: Shape.

Basic Shapes

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Rectangle Scarf (aka Oblong or Long Scarf)

The rectangle scarf is the most common and the most versatile scarf. It has a basic and simple shape; its one long piece of fabric shaped like a rectangle. The scarf may be hemmed, raw cut, or trimmed and may feature poms, fringe or tassels. This type of scarf is very sleek and is a glamorous addition to many different types of outfits. Saying this scarf is versatile is a huge understatement. Not only is this scarf available in a variety of lengths, but you can find it in different cloths, colors, prints and patterns for any style. Originally designed to be worn wrapped around the neck a couple of times, latest fashion trends have this scarf tied in a variety of knots and given numerous uses.

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Square Scarf (aka Neckerchief or Bandana)

The square scarf is also a very popular choice for those who enjoy scarf styles. It has a basic square shape that can be folded into a triangle or rolled into a tighter version. These scarves will give you a more traditional and timeless look. Fashion beauties such as Kate Middleton and Audrey Hepburn have made use of the square scarf in a variety of ways. Adding a square scarf is a great way to add volume to your outfit. It’s also available in a variety of colors and styles, featuring different colors, prints and patterns. However, this style of scarf is mainly found in cotton or silk varieties. This scarf also has the ability to remain fashionably understated and can be tied into different clever knots.

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Circle Scarf (aka Wrap, Loop, Infinity, Moebius, Snood Scarf)

This type of scarf has been especially popular in the last years. This scarf is made of a single circle; it doesn’t have a beginning or end. Many like this type of scarf because it is incredibly simple as it simply wraps around and there is no tieing involved. While it can be simple and easy with no fuss, it can also be used in a variety of ways with different functions. This is the more contemporary style of scarf. It’s commonly called the infinity scarf because it can add infinite possibilities to reinvent your look. This type of scarf is most commonly found in solid colors, but print and pattern designs are becoming increasingly popular, giving you an easy way to add a focal point to your ensemble.

There’s a basic look at the different shapes of scarves. Many scarves are versatile and have a variety of functions. Scarves can be found in nearly any color and pattern, making it possible for everybody to find something suitable for their style. Even men can enjoy this fashion trend with scarves of dark colors and classic styles. Of course that is unless you have bold taste and like to experiment with your fashion choices. Not all scarves create the same effect and are appropriate for all styles. Choose what’s right for you and hopefully our guide will aid you in that endeavor. Some other great resources are and Keep a look out here at Melroso for more guides featuring scarf styles, fabrics and creative knots.

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