5 Easy Ways You Can Hint About Your Valentine's Day Jewelry Wishlist

Did Santa bring you everything on your holiday wishlist? It’s time to make a new wishlist for a different upcoming holiday! Valentine’s Day is the next holiday we are looking forward to and it is a must to create your jewelry wishlist for your significant other to go shopping for you! But, how do you tell them this jewelry is what you want for a gift on Valentine’s Day without actually telling them? Whether it’s an engagement ring or a favorite from our curated collection that you are hinting after, we have five suggestions for some easy (and only slightly obvious) ways to hint at what jewelry is included on your Valentine’s Day wishlist.


Create an Online Jewelry Wishlist

In order to hint about your Valentine’s Day jewelry wishlist you actually have to create one and a great way to do that is online. You can easily create an online wishlist through built-in wishlists on websites, through a blog post or through an online journal. With everything online it makes it super easy to add the links to your wishlist jewelry items, that way all they have to do is point, click and voila, you have one of your beauties checked off the list.

Tweet About Your Valentine’s Day Wishlist

We know there is a large portion of your that spends time on Twitter, some more time is involved than others. We don’t judge, but we do recommend that you follow us. ;)  Why not use this slight obsession to your advantage and use it to spread these hints about what your Valentine’s Day wishlist includes. If you follow the store or boutique where your jewelry can be found *ehem* it’s easy to retweet and include a “how cute is this?! #Vday #ineedthis”. Pretty simple right? Try using Instagram to share your loves as well!

Share A Post Of the Jewelry On Facebook

Again, we know you spend time there and we know you already follow the places where your favorite jewelry comes from, so use these Facebook pages to your advantage! Find the jewelry items that have made your Valentine’s Day wishlist and share the post. Don’t forget to add a creative hashtag, so that they know you’re serious about how much you LOVE this jewelry piece! Most people check their Facebook at least once a day, so this is a great way to get a hint out about what it is you really want this holiday.

Share Your Wishlist With Your Friends & Family

Let’s face it. Some people just can’t get a hint no matter how obvious you make it, so they’ll ask for help. Who knows you better than your friends and family? Odds are no one except the significant other who is struggling to buy you something special for the impending holiday. So that’s who they are going to turn to when they need gift ideas for you. Share your wishlist with your close friends and family, this way when your gift giver asks, they’ll know exactly what to suggest!

Tell Them Your Valentine’s Day Wishlist Directly

Again, some people just can’t take a hint. It’s not a bad thing, but to avoid the frustration sometimes it’s easier if you just come clean. If you feel confident enough, just be candid and try to casually drop it into a conversation. “Wow, look at this necklace! That would make a stunning gift!” That should do the trick, but for those that REALLY can’t take a hint you may just have to be straight with it and go with, “Wow, look at this necklace! This is on my Valentine’s Day wishlist, just so you know.” ;)

We hope you get whatever it is your heart is after for this next holiday. Valentine’s Day can be a day full of expectations, stress and disappointment; it’s important to remember that while yes, it is seen as a major holiday, it’s just another day and you will have to deal with tomorrow. So, even if they don’t get the hint and you don’t get what you want. Remember to smile and say thank you because getting anything means that they thought of you and love you.

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