5 Festive Jewelry Choices For The Halloween Party

We know it’s still September and it’s crazy to start talking about it, but we’re telling you - it’s sneaking up quick! Halloween is approaching quickly and then soon after that it’s Thanksgiving and then . . . Christmas. Oh my goodness we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Halloween is up first. Are you one of those people that goes all out? House all decorated, pumpkins and cobwebs everywhere - oh and can’t forget the creepy music! Do you go all out with your costume as well? Or perhaps you like Halloween but just aren’t quite that invested in it. That’s okay! You can still go to the Halloween party. We’ve got some jewelry choices that will keep you looking in tune with the spirit of things without feeling over the top or if costumes just aren’t your style.

Unique Chokers

To feel festive on this holiday you can step a bit out of your comfort zone, or pick a piece from your favorites, and adorn a choker made of a unique material. It can be velvet, lace, or a thick metal piece. Choosing a choker that doesn’t fit it with everyday ensembles will give you that stand out look without the effort.

Spike Necklaces

Spikes and jewelry are actually a really popular trend in everyday fashion, but you can still rock this jewelry style for a festive look. Find a necklace that is a bit more on the bold side, maybe with larger spikes for more of them. Whether it’s spread out over the length of the necklace or a cluster it’s all good.

Chain Rings

This is another popular trend that you can turn into your personal festive cache. Rings that have visible chains connecting them are perfect for your party attire. Keep it all one metal, mix it up,wear one, wear three, it’s completely up to you and how far you want to go with the look. The night is yours!

Animal Jewelry

Jewelry featuring animals, like our snake studs or lion jaw ring, is an easy-peasy way to dip your toes into the feel of the night without diving in head first. It doesn’t even have to be a fierce or creepy animal, wear those kitten earrings, it’s okay, we promise.

Skull Jewelry

Of course, we have to have this one on the list. Skull jewelry is always appropriate for Halloween festivities. Whether you go big and bold with multiple skull pieces or want to go for the more subtle approach with something dainty and simple like our Mini Disk Skull Necklace, we’re sure you’ll rock it!

There you have it, some simple and easy suggestions to keep you festive at that Halloween party even if you’re not wearing a costume. While Halloween is a night for anything, we’d recommend picking one or two of the above suggestions, trying them all at the same time may be a little overwhelming. But hey, if it’s your thing, we’d love to see it! Be sure to tag us in that beautiful selfie! #mymelroso

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