5 Fun Activities to Give You A Laugh This Christmas

It’s officially time to start prepping for the next holiday! Who is ready? Or are you still recovering from Thanksgiving? It’s okay, we understand. Did you get your Christmas shopping done in July or are you panicking because you realized there are only three more Saturdays before Christmas (unless you count Christmas Eve, then it’s four)? Tree decorating, cookie baking, present wrapping, Christmas movie night, it’s all fun and exciting. Looking for something new to add to the traditions? We have five fun holiday activities that will make your holiday full of laughs and memories.

Minivan Express

Who doesn’t like the movie Polar Express? Well for this at-home version you’ll need your own variation of transportation. Your minivan, truck or car will do just fine. Stock your minivan with hot chocolate, popcorn and other yummy Christmas treats. Then, hide their “train” ticket somewhere they will find it as they go about their evening routine (maybe with the toothbrush). Load everyone in their pajamas up into the minivan express and take a drive. Listen to Christmas music, share fun stories, enjoy the goodies you’ve packed, look at Christmas lights or just the stars. Enjoy your evening.

“Snowball” Fight

If you live somewhere where there is snow during Christmas, you can enjoy the real version of this and use actual snow and the rest of us will be slightly jealous. For those of us that don’t have a “white Christmas,” we have to invent our own snow. In this fun version of a snowball fight, use shaving cream. Prep your “snowballs” before hand or wing it as you go, either way this activity is sure to get some belly laughs. Also, we would definitely recommend playing this one outside!

Pin The Nose

Poor Rudolph, always the end of someone’s joke. For this one all you need is some cardboard, colored paper, pushpins or tape and a blindfold. Pin the nose on Rudolph or if you want to give him a break, pin the carrot on the snowman. Don’t lie, this game is always fun no matter how mature you think you are. Want to make an adult version of the game? Add a shot to the mix, the spinning will really get fun then.

Present Scramble

This one is just plain hilarious. Definitely plan on recording this one! Plan ahead and wrap a present in as many layers of wrapping paper as you possibly can. Gather everyone around at a table or in a circle on the ground. Pick a number that will be the game number, everyone rolls the dice and the first person to roll that number will begin the game. While wearing oven mitts, they try to unwrap as many layers of the present they can, while the other members roll the dice until someone else gets the game number, then they get the mitts and unwrap. This goes on until someone unwraps the last layer and they get to keep the gift! Don’t have that much wrapping paper? Plastic wrap works pretty well also.

White Elephant Twist

Here’s a fun twist on a traditional white elephant gift exchange. Everyone get’s to start with $15 in 1’s. You can of course alter this amount if you’d like. Present the white elephant gifts one by one in an auction-like manner. You have to win the bid in order to win the gift. White elephant gifts can range from anything like an old shoe to something grand. The trick is you don’t know what it is until you win the bid.

We hope you have a very MERRY holiday and hope that one of these activities will give you some laughs and good memories to share with your friends and family. Do you have some fun and unique holiday activities? We want to know! Share them below or on social media with #mymelroso.

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