What IS a Statement Piece?

“Statement piece,” what is it and why has the term taken over the fashion world? What’s it a piece of? What’s it making a statement of? What or who is it making a statement to? What qualifies as a statement piece? We hear the term everywhere but nobody ever really tells you what a statement piece is.

A statement piece is usually an interesting, attractive or relatively eye-catching piece of your outfit. It’s not necessarily bright, colorful or oversized but it is normally bold and unique. The statement piece is the thing people notice first about your outfit. It is most commonly an accessory, such as a necklace, earrings, or bag. However, it can also be a wardrobe item, like a pair of heels or a skirt.

We all know we’re not supposed to judge people by their appearance but it still happens. People will assume all sorts of things related to your personality, values and beliefs because of what you wear and how you present yourself. This is the statement your ‘statement piece’ is making. Statement is defined by dictionary.com as “a definite clear expression.” A statement piece is both a statement of personal inner thought and an overt statement to the world. Your statement piece is seen as a direct reflection of your personality and is often associated with your signature style.

Confidence is a woman’s best accessory and your statement piece should give you that. It should make you feel confident and happy. Here’s a perfect quote from the blog youlookfab -

“My philosophy is that style is about creating a positively reinforcing feedback loop between the way we feel and the way we look. It connects our inner thoughts and feelings to the story we tell to the rest of the world. Statement pieces are like the headlines in this story.”

Some people don’t feel right without a statement piece, other people don’t feel comfortable stepping out of the mundane and defining themselves. The truth that we already know is not everyone is the same. We are all unique, confident, passionate and interesting people. Some are very comfortable with that fact and will wear it proudly, many don’t wear a statement piece because they are not comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone.

You can have a specific trademark piece that you wear all the time or you can have a few different ones for different outfits. When choosing a statement piece make sure it makes you feel positive about yourself. It will communicate to others and yourself whether you intend it to or not, so choose wisely. Think about who you are and what you value when choosing statement pieces. Be conscious and deliberate.

Here are a few tips from the fashion side of things for choosing the statement piece to accompany your outfit.

  • Size: A statement piece will draw attention but it doesn’t have to be overbearing. We still want to see you in there somewhere too!

  • Slant Match: If the rest of your accessories are gold, try going for a slant match and choose a statement piece that’s copper or rose gold.
  • One at a Time: Only wear one statement piece at a time. You don’t want to look overcrowded and busy.
  • Makeup: When wearing a statement piece try to keep your makeup muted. If you want bold makeup that day, have your makeup be your statement.
  • Clothes: Statement accessories are great with simple clothing in flat colors. Don’t wear an extravagant necklace with a top that’s patterned. They’ll get lost in each other. Choose which will be making the statement that day: accessory, clothes, or makeup.

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