Inside Melroso: Designer Vanessa Mooney

Melroso’s owner and curator, Colette Tebele, curates her jewelry selection from designers around the world. She takes inspiration from different cultures to provide a collection of jewelry that makes the wearer feel sexy by accentuating their natural beauty. Among these curated pieces are pieces from popular, jewelry designer Vanessa Mooney. You’ve probably heard of Vanessa Mooney as the brand she established that holds her name is becoming increasingly prominent in the fashion world. Here’s a bit about her and why her pieces inspire us.

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Vanessa Mooney currently lives in Los Angeles but attributes her love of various cultures to traveling with her mother when she was young. In her interview with LiveFAST she says movies were how she developed her concept of fashion. Mooney fuses different eras, continents and styles into her collections and her brand is described as being the “product of all things creative.”

Vanessa Mooney while she has worked in areas related to fashion and styling she is a self-taught jewelry designer. She believes her success in this and what sets her jewelry apart is that fact. Her creativity and designs are unaffected by the industry. Her self-taught journey has made her learn faster and look at the industry  in a more creative way.

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When asked in multiple interviews about her inspiration for her jewelry designs, Mooney says it doesn’t come from just one place.She finds inspiration from traveling, music, painters, revolutions and all walks of life. She’s always looking and watching and her jewelry expresses the sights, feelings and ideas she has. In an interview with SWELL she personally says her brand is “bohemian in it’s true rebellious nature.”

One of the main reasons we love Vanessa Mooney is because we love WHO she designs for. Here’s a quote from her interview with Urban Outfitters - “I feel I design for that girl on the street, who you pass by and look twice. It is for someone who isn't afraid to be themselves, and tries to experience new things in life and their travels. I think the girl that wears my jewelry wants something different, so instead of doing what she sees other people do, she makes it her own in whatever way she does!”

Photo from Vanessa Mooney

We love Vanessa Mooney’s designs and her outlook on life. We carry her designs here at Melroso because she designs pieces that move from day to night. Her designs also appeal to a wide audience so that any girl can wear a piece and feel special. These girls have also come to include a large number of names from the celebrity world including:  Kylie Jenner, Kendal Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, Karlie Kloss, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, Lily Allen, Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff, Megan Fox and  Emma Roberts. Mooney has also been featured in a number of fashion magazines such as: Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Nylon, Cosmopolitan, Us Weekly, Marie Claire and Glamour.

As stated on the Vanessa Mooney website, “Driven by a sense of artistic wanderlust, this is a brand for every woman - regardless of style and influence, she can find herself within the Mooney aesthetic.” Browse around our collection of pieces produced by Vanessa Mooney and find something that speaks to you.

Cherie Choker


Bandit Cuff & Bandit Double Ring


Silver Anarchy Choker


Empire Ring to Wrist Cuff

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