7 Trendy Essentials You Need In Your Jewelry Box

Ladies, you may just have a few items in your jewelry arsenal or your jewelry box may be over-flowing. You may have only a few that you prefer or perhaps you can’t possibly imagine choosing just one as your favorite. Many trends have come and gone, some trends were tested before they are deemed as must-haves. Here’s a few jewelry trends that have become must-haves for your fashion collection.

  1. Dainty Rings

Layering is a very popular trend right now. However, some people just don’t like to layer heavy, shiny baubles on. Dainty rings are easy to layer without the weight but you still get some of the sparkle. These also make great accompaniments to heavier rings.

The Mini Spear Ring Set

The Pave X Ring

The Ball and Chain Ring Set



  1. Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs showed up in fashion a few years ago and are really hitting a spike in popularity. That’s because they are a great way to make a bold statement about you and your style. Plus, they come in so many different styles of their own, that everybody can sport an ear cuff that matches their aesthetic.

Simple Crawler Ear Cuffs


Taylor Ear Cuff


Rivet Trundle Earring
  1. Choker Necklaces

This is a great 90’s comeback style. Chokers can either be thin and dainty or bold and loud. Since, they sit so high up on the neck, it is easy to layer other necklaces with them. Also, their high placement makes them a suitable match for any style top.

Make It Rain Choker


Cherie Choker


Anarchy Silver Choker
  1. Dainty Necklaces

Much like the dainty rings, layering is popular; necklaces is one of the most popular things to layer. Make it easy on yourself and have a nice little stash of dainty necklaces that will layer nicely. These should be a variety of lengths, so that they layer and not just clump together. Check out our post on How to Mix Metals for tips on layering jewelry of different metals.

Samsa Lariat


Moon and Star Necklace


Long Faryn Fringe Necklace
  1. Bib-Style Necklaces

Bib-style necklaces are another increasing trend and to be honest, it’s may not be for everyone. However, we recommend that every respectable lady have at least one in her jewelry box. You never know when you will need to make that bold statement or if the perfect occasion will come up. You don’t want to be left without one when you’re needing it.

Boho Fringe Necklace


Intertwine Bib Choker Necklace
  1. Cuff Bracelets

Ooooh, we like these at Melroso. Cuff bracelets can be very edgy and often express quite a bit about the wearer. Cuff bracelets can be layered with thinner bracelets or worn by themselves. They add a lot of bling with only one piece and . . . who doesn't like a cuff bracelet?

Thunderbird Cuff


The Triple Spear Bangle


The Empire Ring To Wrist Cuff
  1. Non-traditional Pearl Pieces

Heeelllllooooo 60’s! Except. . . not. Pearls have come and gone in fashion since the 15th century and they are certainly coming back, just not in the traditional “a pearl necklace makes a fine lady” sense. Non-traditional pearl pieces, like the ones shown below, are rising in the ranks of fashion trends. You’d better add one or two of these jewelry pieces to your arsenal to keep up.

Pearl S Ring


Freshwater Pearl Ear Climbers


Brasilia Cuff

You can have the perfectly assembled ensemble and be ready to AMAZE in your outfit, but the truth is, it simply isn’t complete without the right accessories. Make sure you are always prepared for whatever style mood you may be in by being well prepared with a jewelry box that is fully stocked with the essentials.

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