Small Earrings - Big Style

It seems that in recent fashion trends, especially in the jewelry aspect that the rule of thumb is ‘go big or go home.’ It is true that big, bold style is encouraged and statement pieces have a definite place in a woman’s wardrobe; however, the small things in life still have their place.

Small, delicate earrings can be and are just as fashionable as large or asymmetrical pieces. Delicate earrings can subtly make a statement all of their own. Let’s look at some pros of small earrings, studs and other tiny pieces.

They are a combo of subtle and adorable.

Rivet Heart Ear Studs

They can still be eye catching.

The Pave Hoop Huggies


They can be colorful and still go with everything

Tribal Trio Earring Set


They come in all types of fun shapes.

Triple Bar Studs


They can be mismatched for an extra statement.

Triple Bar Ear Cuff & Stud


They cover all the aesthetic bases.

Rivet Triangle Stud


They can be worn day or night and a perfect for everyday wear.

Small Hoop & Pearl Studs

They reflect natural beauty.

The Pave Marquise Studs


They add sparkle without the weight.

Shimmer Triangle Double Studs


Small doesn’t always mean not noticed. Small earrings give you a certain kind of freedom that large, bulky earrings don’t. There are really no rules and you can play with your style as much as you want. People with multiple ear piercings can take comfort in the fact that small earrings can be matching or mixed up for an added boost. Their small style allows them to be worn for extended periods of time and everyday wear. Little bits of sparkle can add the glitz you want, catch eyes and reflect your natural beauty instead of overshadowing it.. Sometimes simple statements can make the most stylish impacts.

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