Melroso's Collection: Pave X Ring

Melroso’s goal is to provide our customers with pieces of jewelry that fall in line with popular fashion trends and accentuate natural beauty. All of our pieces are carefully tested for fit and quality. We want our pieces to have the look and feel of an expensive piece of jewelry and provide them at an affordable cost. The best thing about the jewelry we curate is that unless you know someone that’s going to inspect it closely, nobody will know whether you’re wearing an original, expensive piece or an affordably quality piece from Melroso.

Our Pave X Rings, designed by our very own Colette Tebele, are such pieces. They mimic the very popular XO ring that is circulating celebrity fashion trends. Celebrities, Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Hale and Jennifer Lawrence have all been seen with this ring adorning their fingers. The XO ring, also called the crossover ring or crisscross ring, is having it’s time in the limelight for multiple reasons.

It a dainty ring that still makes a statement. Pave, which is the style of a setting made up of a lot of small gemstones set closely together, is very popular at the moment because it has an understated look but is still sparkly and draws eyes without being gaudy. These types of rings are perfect for every outfit, every occasion, day or night. It can do that and it never tires out, gets played out and still makes an impact. This ring style is not only versatile in when, where and with what you wear it with, it’s also versatile in how you wear it. It can be worn solo or stacked with other rings. People’s Style Watch suggested that this type of ring is perfect to pair with a midi ring.

Melroso’s collection of Pave X Rings mimic the fine jewelry seen in fashion. Encrusted with crystals, we have this ring available in not only silver and gold like many places but black as well. Sparkly, clean and delicate, this ring will be your new best friend. Want to mix it up a bit? We also have a few fun variations of the X Ring available in our store, such as the Pave Double Crisscross or the Blue Opal Crisscross Ring. Also, be on the look-out for upcoming, new designs for the X Ring.

Any age can enjoy the crisscross ring. It has a less is more attitude and you will feel confident and beautiful. Normally, the XO ring can cost anywhere from $350 all the way up to $6000. We offer a quality design that your friends won’t know the difference between for under $80. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to keep up with fashion trends. Visit our store and browse our collection of X Rings and their fun counterparts. The Pave X ring is clean, dainty, sparkly, and versatile; it’s the perfect addition to your everyday wear.

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