Modern Pearl Jewelry

Gloves and pearls were popular accessories in the 1950’s and were signs of a lady, however, the pearl’s popularity can date all the way back to the 11th Century. These gems are often thought of as vintage and people picture the traditional heirloom strand that’s passed from generation to generation.We’ve got news - pearls are still VERY trendy and these are NOT your grandmother’s pearls (even though they are classy).

Pearls in current trends are found in new, sleek, modern designs. These designs don’t look or feel old like many would imagine. The fact is that these designes are very trendy. The pearl is still classic, timeless and very versatile. It’s still perfect for wear during the day or evening and can be your go to accessory for both casual, dressy and formal occasions. We’ve just put a more modern spin on the classic look. These pieces will have you re-thinking your opinion of pearls and make you wonder why your jewelry collection doesn’t have any.

Pearl studs were once just as popular as the pearl strand necklace. These earrings are still just as classy, with a bit of a trendy touch.

Keeping with the earring theme, one way to include new trending jewelry fashion styles and the timeless look of pearls is with ear climbers and cuffs. We’ve chosen these three pieces to grace our collection.


Earrings aren’t the only way to wear these beautiful, eye-capturing gems. We’ve found and added this stunning cuff to our collection. Bonus- you can choose between the original, classic alabaster pearl or go for an edgier look with the bottle green pearl.


In addition to the earrings and cuffs we have another pearl piece in our collection. We absolutely love this piece! It’s trendy, bold, edgy and stunning! It will make you feel confident and beautiful as the fresh water pearl dances across your fingers.

Pearls have an iridescent luminosity that has bewitched people across the centuries. Pearls have had a place in the past, still have a place in the present and will, in all likelihood, retain its place in the future. New, modern, pearl designs have been seen on the Spring 2014 and Spring 2015 runways. What’s great is that the pearl experience isn’t as out of reach as it once used to be for women. Today’s modern women can easily incorporate pearls into their ensemble through accessories, while experiencing a breath of fresh air with a constant flow of new designs. Pearls are definitely worth your investment and need to find a place in your collection as they have ours. Find out other essentials that we recommend to have in your jewelry box in our post: 7 Trendy Essentials You Need In Your Jewelry Box or take an inside look at another Melroso collection: Melroso’s Collection: Pave X Ring.

To view the Pearl Jewelry Pieces mentioned in this post please visit Melroso's Pearl Collection or click on any of the images above.

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    wow, nice collection pearl jewelry. If we consider the modern fashion I think pearl fashion is highest and most popular among girls. Recently I purchased a Blooming flower earring from Timeless Pearl which looks so fashionable. Thanks for your tips.

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