2015 Fall Jewelry Trends

It’s officially autumn! There’s earlier sunsets and cooler nights; the leaves are changing and there is pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! The time has come to put away the daisy duke shorts and break out the cardigans. Are you obsessing about your fall wardrobe? Us too. Luckily, we know that updating the jewelry collection is a great way to make an old wardrobe feel like new. Jewelry allows you to put new spins on outfits that you may have thought were destined for the rubbage. Here are a few pieces from our carefully, curated collection that fall in line with this fall’s trends and will give last year’s look a totally new feel.

We have a pretty basic outlook here at Melroso. Simple, yet stunning jewelry is just as powerful as big, bold statement jewelry. When you’ve got a great outfit already going on you don’t want to outshine it with an over the top accessory. Subtly punctuate and enhance it by adding a chic, minimal pendant necklace, like our piece the Long Faryn Fringe Necklace. These types of pendant necklaces really stand out when layered over a solid colored top and the length allows it to coordinate with most neckline styles.

Next on our fall trend, must-have list is a chunky, stand-out ring. When adding layers of clothing to your ensemble in an effort to stay warm, odds are, if you’re not packing snowballs your hands are going to stand visible. A look-at-me ring is all that’s needed to make the absolute style statement and this works for even your most basic outfits. A chunky ring, like the Blake Ring, will either add to and accentuate a simpler look or it will complement the look of more bold fashion. It’s a win-win.

One major fall jewelry trend, according to Glamour, is the bib necklace. You can layer it on top of a sweater or let it peek-a-boo out through the top of a cardigan. Either way, you’ll be looking splendidly radiant as you enjoy those nights by the bonfire. The Boho Fringe Necklace has just the right amount of bling, wow and casualty to it to make it a the perfect, versatile accessory.

Last on our fall must-have list is a stunning pair of of earrings. Bold earrings are a huge trend right now and many speculate that it may be because of their retro-chic feel. Our Starburst Splash Earrings will glitter beneath flowing curls or dress-up a simple, hasty ponytail. Stunning enough for your special occasions but not too glitzy for a casual day at the yogurt shop.


Autumn is upon us and pumpkins are everywhere, all too soon we will be hearing the jingle of bells and the smell the scent of cinnamon. Let’s enjoy fall and look fabulous while we do it! Do you have a fall must-have? Let us know what yours is!

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