Creative Jewelry Storage Ideas

Alright ladies, we all know the struggle of digging through our jewelry box to find the other pair to the earring, or spending a few too many precious minutes untangling those dainty chains of necklaces that got too close to one another. It’s a struggle and it’s frustrating, to say the least. Perhaps there is a little knot of necklaces sitting in the corner of your jewelry armoire that you have given up hope for. Jewelry organization can be difficult, time consuming and for those of us who LOVE jewelry, it takes up space. Well, we scoured Pinterest and found the best, creative, fashionable ways to store your jewelry.

The Jewelry Wall


The Accordion


The Box


The Picture Frame


The Drawer


The Post


The Knobs


The Hidden Armoire


The Painting


The Tree


The Pallet


The Suitcase


The Full House


The Glass Jar


The Chocolate Box


The Toolbox


The Ice Tray


As you can see, some jewelry organization ideas are a bit more creative than others. You may have seen some before or maybe your seeing some for the first time. We've labeled each picture with the website that Pinterest gave credit to. No matter what your style there is a jewelry storage idea here for you. If  you have a more rustic theme going on in your house try the pallet or the tree organizers. If you want to give your jewelry storage a more elegant feel try the picture frame drawers or the glass jars. If you want to show off your pride and joy of a collection we recommend the jewelry wall or the picture frame idea. We love the suitcase jewelry box idea for it's creative re-purpose of a regular item into something chic and splendid. We also like the chocolate box, simply because, well . . . it's a chocolate box! 

You can impress your visitors by showing off your expansive collection of baubles, or you can hide them in your bedroom, bathroom or even your closet - pretty much anywhere you have a wall or table. Or with some of these ideas you can just plain hide them! Many of these items can be found in a basic hardware store, craft store or a thrift store, making these easy DIY projects. Get into a creative zone, many of these options can be used for personal use and decor. Who doesn't love something that does twice the work?

There is no need to confine your beautiful jewelry to a cramped jewelry box. Say "no" to tangled chains, broken bracelets, bent cuffs and the lost earring.  A beautiful jewelry armoire is just around the corner and we hope these ideas help get your creativity flowing. Organized jewelry will save you time and hassle when it comes to finding the right accessories for your ensemble. Find out our recommendations of the top essential items that need to be in your new jewelry organizer in our post: 7 Trendy Essentials You Need In Your Jewelry Box. Take a look at our opinion on Modern Pearl Jewelry or SHOP our collection of fabulous jewelry that we carefully curate from top designers around the world.

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