Inside Melroso: Luv Aj Designer Amanda Thomas

Loved by most in the fashion world, Luv Aj accessories designer Amanda Thomas started rocking the designer game at a young age. She sold her first collection at the mere age of 16. We, obviously, adore the jewelry and accessories we carry from Luv Aj, so here’s an inside look at how the designer got started and continues her success today!

Photo From Glamour

In high school, given the option of a job or internship Thomas chose to take an internship for a local jewelry designer. Inspired by what she was learning she started going to flea markets and buying vintage necklaces to cut apart and rework. While shopping at Fred Segal, a legendary store known for trendy designer wear, the head buyer spotted her wearing one of her own necklaces and asked to see her collection. Bluffing that there was more, she went home and created 20 more pieces to show, and they picked up every single piece. It was at that point that her after-school obsession bloomed into her own line of accessories. However, she wasn’t sold that this was absolutely the dream she wanted to follow.

The Mini Spear Ring Set in Silver Ox

Thomas went to the Otis College of Art and Design and proceeded to continue with internships with clothing designers, celebrity fashion stylists and the well-known online magazine Who What Wear. According to her interview with Fashionista, it was at this point that she didn’t want to do graphic design and decided to pursue Luv Aj instead. She may have been overwhelmed at first but now Luv Aj is constantly expanding and growing. Now seen in over 100 boutiques and retailers, Luv Aj accessories have been worn by celebrities like Jessica Alba, Kylie Jenner, Nicole Richie and Miley Cyrus. Thomas plans to continue expanding Luv Aj by adding more lines of accessories, such as introducing leatherwear and at some point bags and shoes.

Photo From Glamour

In her interview with Glamour, Thomas told them “the Luv Aj girl is the kind of girl who plans her outfits around her accessories, not her clothes.”  Luv Aj has a signature look of heavy-metal spikes and layered chains. She combines worn and torn edginess with a hint of femininity. The Luv Aj collection has pieces ranging from body chains to hand pieces and has everything in between. Amanda Thomas is a recent addition to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list and describes her style as “Minimal. Tough. Black.” And according to the Luv Aj website, she plans on continuing the expansion of Luv Aj and “hopes to adorn the world in her bad ass bling.”

The Triple Spear Bangle

Check out some our favorite Luv Aj pieces that we have added to our collection and let us know what you think of this young but successful designer! You can also check out our other designers such as Vanessa Mooney and our very own Melroso Collection.


The Devandra Belt

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