What is Pavé?

Here in our Styling Blog, we like to give you an inside look at jewelry, styling, designers and fashion. We’re going to give you an inside look at one of 2015’s most popular jewelry trends. There is a jewelry trend that we’re positive you’ve seen and probably heard about. This trend became really popular this year. We love it too, as you can see by the number of pieces in our collection that features it. The Pavé trend has swept across the jewelry and fashion world. Pavé (pronounced pah-vey) is derived from the French word meaning “pavement.” You will also see it as pave. So what is pavé and why is it trending?

Pavé Arrow Ring

Pavé is a type of stone setting. As we mentioned pavé essentially means pavement. The reason that this stone setting is called pavé is because the stones are “paved” onto the surface of the metal, much like gravel is paved on streets. Pavé is a setting made up of lots of small gemstones set closely together, usually held on by small beads of metal in between. Up close, this setting covers the surface much like cobblestones. The result of this setting is an illusion of a continuous surface of gems.

Gold Pavé X Ring

This setting method/style can be traced back to the earliest days of jewelry but just like everything else it is making its way back into the trending world. At first this trend was limited to the diamond world of engagement and wedding rings. Now, this style is used with a variety of gems and has brought bling back to the red carpet and street style. It can be seen adding an extra glam factor to drop-down earrings, chain link necklaces and fun rings. This trend started in elaborate vintage styles but today’s jewelry designers are adding pavé to classic, simply styles as well. The effect is subtle and delicate pieces that add a special brilliance to the ensemble.

The Pavé Hoop Huggies

You can find pavé jewelry from simple pieces to accompany your minimalist looks to large, colorful ones for statement making ensembles. The small stones set so closely together with little to no space in between makes the jewelry look like it’s encrusted in gems and results in lots of sparkle. You can’t go wrong with this trend! A piece of pavé jewelry will amp up your wardrobe and add that oomph you’ve been looking for. One simple piece of pavé jewelry will bring a stylish, classic and timeless look to a plain outfit. If you’re one to go for more of a statement look you can find a pavé piece that makes a statement by itself or layer several pieces together to get that glamorous glittering effect!

Dainty Angelina Necklace

Be sure to check out the pavé pieces we’ve curated to include in our collection: Pavé Collection. You can also find some of our other inside secrets to fashion trends in our posts Hamsa Fascination in Fashion, What IS a statement Piece and Mixing Gold and Silver Jewelry - Yay or Nay.

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