Jewelry Gift Guide 2015:1

Can you believe there are only a few weeks to go before Christmas? We are heading full speed ahead into this holiday season! The most difficult part of the season is finding that perfect gift for the special people in your life. Especially women, women are so difficult to buy for. We have our preferences and our styles and while we will love anything that you give us (because it’s the thought that counts) we’ll especially love it if it matches our personality and style. Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a how-to or gifts for women guide? No worries, we’re here to help. Whether it’s your teenage daughter, best-friend, wife or mother our gift guide is here to help you out. Simply find their personality style and go shopping!

The Bohemian Girl

A girl with a bohemian style is more likely to have artistic interests. She wears exotic patterns and textures.She layers and gets inspiration from the gypsy look and has what’s  considered non-traditional features in her appearance. She is free-spirited. Here are some gift ideas for the bohemian girl:


A. Double Band Pink Gold Vermeil Ring B. Dark Horse Huggie Earring Set C. Roman Coin Anklet D. Crossroads Necklace E. Ruby Jane Wire Wrap F. Deerskin Horn Choker G. Rhythm & Blues Choker H. Maya Bracelet I. Mahe Ring Set


The Artsy Girl

As the name suggests, the artsy girl’s style will include artistic themes. She has a style that very much her own. She may even create her own clothing and accessories at times. She may be a painter, photographer or a drama major. She avoids the conventional and will choose the unique item every time. She is a creative thinker. Here are some gifts ideas for the artsy girl:

A. Raven Feather Lariat B. Crown Earring Pin C. Wire Bow Leather Choker D. Double-V Rose Gold Pave Ring E. Luciana Cuff F. Gold Euclid Ring G. Thunderbird Cuff H. Double Bow Ring I. Keira Necklace



The Chic Girl

Chic is synonymous with “trendy” and “fashionable.” She wears classic and stylish designs. Her clothes are always very well-tailored and fit her perfectly. She picks strong colors but they are never garish. When you see her, she looks striking and smart. She is confident. Here are some gift ideas for the chic girl:

A. Jean Earrings B. Direction Cuff C. Gold Pave X Ring D. Dapper Ring Set E. Samsa Lariat F. Flame Choker G. Mini Spear Ring Set H. Simple Crawler Ear Cuffs I. Rivet Trundle Earring



The Classic Girl

A girl with classic style always checks out the quality and popular styles. Her wardrobe features clean, uncluttered lines and a formal balance. Her outfits express comfort while still remaining fashionable. She expresses a sense of stability and simple elegance. Here are some gift ideas for the classic girl:

A. Blaire Slide B. Anarchy Choker C. Taner Cuff Ring Set D. Planetas Cuff E. Rose Gold Cuff Ring F. Giselle Necklace G. Coco Ear Climbers H. Sterling Silver X Ring I. Triple Bar Studs

There’s four different types of styles that you might see in the women in your life and a simple gift guide to assist you in successfully shopping for them. We have jewelry and accessories for every style here at Melroso. Be sure to check back for more of our gift guides so that you can get perfect gift ideas for the girls and women on your holiday shopping list!

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