Jewelry Gift Guide 2015:2

Christmas and the holidays are creeping closer and closer and before we know it, we’ll be last minute shopping and wondering where time went?! We had weeks left! We know that the most difficult part of the season is finding that perfect gift for the special person in your life. Especially women, we’re always told women are so difficult to buy for. Not true - just get us jewelry, we’ll be perfectly happy. But if you give us something that matches our personality and style we’ll love you even more, so. . . we’ve created a jewelry gift guide to make your life immensely easier. Here is your go-to gifts for women guide. Whether it’s your teenage daughter, best-friend, wife or mother our gift guide is here to help you out. Simply find their personality style and go shopping!

The Glamorous Girl

You know this girl, she equates to Grace Kelly and Emma Watson. Her style shows a dazzling look, accompanied with refined drama. She oozes beauty and grace and her wardrobe reflects that. Her style has a subtle allure that is somewhere between dramatic style and sexy style. Her clothes often get everyone’s attention but they’re not really intense. When you think glamorous you think, diamonds, silk and satin.

A. Pearl S Ring B. Satelite Gold Necklace C. Azelea Earrings D. Shimmer Triangle Earrings E. Dazed Choker F. Pearl Choker G. Bassa Cuff H. Dusk to Dawn Wrap Ring

The Romantic Girl

Hopeless and incurable are often terms related to the romantic. This is just not true for these girls. She’s not looking for romance, she’s hoping for it and remains ever optimistic. A romantic is idealistic and sometimes even unrealistic. Dreamers of the most admirable kind. Her style may include flowers and hearts. She’s flouncing and prefers soft fabrics with gentle curves.

A. Raven Feather Threader Earrings B. Hamsa Bracelet C. Rivet Heart Studs D. Gold Feather Wrap E. Olympia Shimmer Wrap Ring F. Empire Ring to Wrist G. Double Wave Ring H. Sweetheart Leather Wraparound I. Freshwater Pearl Ear Climbers

The Sexy Girl

Every girl is sexy in their own way, but this girl exudes sex appeal and flaunts it shamelessly. The goal is to turn men’s heads, often to the annoyance to other women around. She is often flirtatious and shows maximum exposure of the body. Sexy does not always equate slutty. She embraces her body and is proud to show it off. Her clothes are slim, often tight fitting and leaves little to the imagination.

A. Perle Lariat B. Kelsie Ear Jackets C. Double Bar and Chain Ring D. Ascending Diamond Earcuff E. Dev Toe to Ankle Anklet F. Silver Stardust Choker G. Crystal Ellipse Ring H. Morrison Belt

The Sophisticated Girl

Girls with a sophisticated style are not easily satisfied. Similar to the Classic Girl, she wants high quality. Beyond the elegance she craves distinction and cultural polish. These girls are often socialites or want to be one. She wears soft, neutral colors to sharp, attention demanding colors. Pencil skirts, high heels and belts around the midsection make up a good portion of her wardrobe.

A. Crystal and Bar Stack Rings B. Crescent and Star Bangle C. Lyons Choker D. Taos Lariat E. Thunderbird Pendant F. Tira Earcuff G. Gold Ear Climbers Studs H. Multi-chain and Turquoise Anklet I. Pavé Butterfly Ring


Here’s four more different types of styles that you might see in the women in your life and a simple gift guide to assist you in successfully shopping for them. This is part 2 of our 2015 jewelry gift guide, you can check out part 1 here: Jewelry Gift Guide 2015:1. We have jewelry and accessories for every style here at Melroso. Be sure to check back for more of our gift guides, so that you can get perfect gift ideas for the girls and women on your holiday shopping list!

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