Jewelry Gift Guide 2015:3

The holiday season is upon us and for many it is a very stressful couple months. We know that one of the most difficult part of the season is finding that perfect gift for the special person in your life. We’d like to take away some of the stress, confusion and the feeling of being completely lost. We’ve put together an easy jewelry gift guide to make your life immensely easier. Here is your go-to gift guide for women. Whether it’s your teenage daughter, best-friend, wife or mother our gift guide is here to help you out. Simply find their personality style and go shopping!

The Preppy Girl

This style is very popular style among high school and college students. This style is often girly but not in a frilly sense. Many of the clothes in her closet are great to mix and match. While her style may appear luxurious, she doesn’t normally spend a lot of money on her wardrobe. This style often wears, tights, leggings, A-lines, and sometimes headbands.

A. Orbit Pearl and Crystal Ring B. Dev Anklet C. Rivet Triangle Studs D. Small Hoop & Pearl Studs E. Precious Wrap Choker F. Taner Loop Bracelet  G. Navajo Cord Bracelet H. Pavé Lightning Ring I. Angelina Necklace

The Rocker Girl

This style can vary from ultra-glam to grunge, depending on the crowd and genre. Her clothes have a worn or even vintage look, but that’s exactly how they are supposed to be. He clothes are never baggy and may even look a little small. The rocker style is not complete without ripped denim, vintage tees and a leather jacket.

A. Crown Hoop Huggies B. Circus Collar C. Wrap Leather Charmer D. The Lennon Belt E. Blake Ring F. River Cuff G. Metallic Wave Choker H. Pavé Point Earring Pins I. Tribal Cuff Ring

The Traditional Girl

The traditional style is the typical, sensible, wholesome “girl next door.” She’s practical, polite and is always dressed appropriately. Her style is more classic and most of her apparels are time-honored favorites. A girl with this style is not against a plaid flannel shirt or pea coat and she believes in the classic black dress, as long as it is appropriate for the occasion

A. Dainty Drops Earcuffs B. Knot Gold Cuff C. Bead Choker D. Double Drop Leaf Necklace E. Crystal Bar Ring     F. Double Bar Char Bracelet G. Ball & Chain Ring Set H. Triangle Necklace I. Ryder Shimmer Ear Climbers

The Punk Girl

This style became popular in the 1970’s. Despite the style going through different modifications and style twists, the main goal of punk has stayed the same - to be anti-materialistic and edgy. Especially edgy. You may have a girl that’s more glam punk with bright colors, leather, and spandex or more of a pop punk with skinny jeans, band tees, skater styles and wrist bands. Either way she is confident and embraces her unique, edgy style.

A. Caten Ring B. Three Strand Wire Collar C. Wire Cage Earcuff D. Bandit Cuff E. Triple Spear Bangle F. Riot Double Cuff G. Double Barbell Huggies H. Domonique Choker I. Metal Alexia Ring

Alright, there are four more different types of style that you might see in the women in your life and simple gift guide to assist you in successfully shopping for them. This is part 3 of our 2015 jewelry gift guide, you can check out parts 1 & 2 here: Jewelry Gift Guide 2015:1 & Jewelry Gift Guide 2015:2. We have jewelry and accessories for every style here at Melroso. Be sure to check back for more! We want you to find the perfect gifts for the girls and women on your holiday shopping list!

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