How to Wear Tribal Jewelry

Here’s a trend that popped up in the fashion world in 2013 and is still going strong. The revival of tribal inspired jewelry. There’s been a few debates over the years of whether it is appropriate or not to wear tribal inspired jewelry; however, the general consensus is . . . yes, you can wear it. WhoWhatWear described tribal necklaces as “the love child of a bib necklace and a futuristic metal collar.” Tribal jewelry has a special strength behind the look. Inspired by ancient tribal wear, this trend features natural materials and detailed metalwork and design. Due to the boldness of this type of accessory it can sometimes be difficult to style. Here are some of our tips to help with that process.

Amulet Necklace from Jane Diaz

Keep It Limited

Tribal revival jewelry is raw, artisanal, asymmetrical and irregular. It is these attributes that give it it’s bold and unique style. This type of jewelry is in the opposite field as dainty chain necklaces. You don’t want to layer on a whole lot of this type of accessory, it can feel overpowering, overbearing and frankly a bit of a mess. We recommend picking between 1-3 pieces that coordinate well and sticking with those. Tribal jewelry is perfect to add a touch of flair to your ensemble, or as a statement piece. There is no need to outweigh its unique qualities with lots of quantity.

Tribal Trio Earrings from Ettika

Tone Down Colors

Many pieces of tribal jewelry feature bright, bold colors. This, in addition to the detail that is involved can make an ensemble too busy if paired with bright and bold patterns in the clothing as well. We recommend toning down the colors of your outfit if you’re wearing a bright, bold piece of tribal jewelry, stick with solid, darker colors or muted brighter colors. If you have an outfit that’s rather involved and want to pair a piece of tribal inspired jewelry with it, we recommend that the piece of jewelry have a more subtle state. A necklace or ring with a solid color and minute details is perfect for those bold ensembles.

Tribal Cuff Ring from Ettika

Wear Simple Lines

Tribal jewelry has an excitingly modern look. In relation to toning down the colors we recommend that you keep the lines of your outfits relatively simple and clean. DeliverMeDiamonds agrees in the fact that you should keep the outfit minimalist and accent with the jewelry. Pair a bold tribal necklace with a plain button-up shirt or wear long dangle earrings and a bangle with a simple shift dress.

Crossroads Necklace from Vanessa Mooney


Tribal inspired jewelry gives us the ability to express a side of ourselves that is confident and powerful. It can be a symbol to ourselves and the world that we are strong and we embrace it. It can be a bit tricky styling these pieces but it is entirely possible to absolutely rock them. We recommend keeping it limited, toning down the colors and pairing these accessories with simple lines. However, for those of you that are more bold and love to show it off WhoWhatWear suggests severe, slicked-back hair, blood-red lips and day-glo body hugging tops or armor-worthy metal mini dresses. This is the way  to achieve a warrior-like look that’s perfect for the urban-chic setting. Either way, we’re sure that you will feel empowered by this on-going trend of jewelry and accessories inspired by ancient tribal wear.

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