5 Jewelry Blogs You Should Follow

Thanks to today's technology you don't have to go to shows or buy recent magazines, you can keep up with current fashion and jewelry trends right from the comfort of your home. Thanks to the internet and increasingly portable devices, you can stay up-to-date on any type of style that you're into. While we love for you to visit us and our Styling Blog here, we want to give you all the resources necessary to stay in tune with trends that matter to you. Here are 5 jewelry blogs you should follow (besides ours!) These are just some of the blog and bloggers that we love and recommend to you! 

Danielle with Gem Gossip

Gem Gossip's tagline is "Endless talk of all things sparkly" and as fans of sparkly, this is a favorite blog. Gem Gossip discusses jewelry trends, antique and period specific jewelry, celebrity jewelry and has designer interviews. As a Graduate gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America and many years as a gemologist and appraiser, Danielle knows here stuff and brings it to her readers as she travels the world, visits jewelry stores and collects rings. (It's pretty obvious from the site that rings are a passion for her.)


Elissa with Love & Pieces

Love & Pieces is actually a curated online jewelry boutique, but it also features one awesome blog! Founder Elissa has a degree in fashion design and merchandising and was a buyer for a department store for years. Love & Pieces is based in Miami Beach and features designer jewelry, bohemian chic pieces and current trend articles. Elissa has an eye for special, different and current jewelry pieces and discusses these in her jewelry blog.



Becky with Diamonds in the Library

"A lady with a love for literature and shiny things discusses books & bling." The tag line of this jewelry blog reveals it all. Becky is a woman who enjoys books and jewelry and blogs about both. Book reviews are mixed in effortlessly with pieces on modern gems, antique jewelry pieces, designers and more. Diamonds in the Library is not only an educational and thorough read but is also very entertaining. 



Natalie with Jewels du Jour

Natalie at Jewels du Jour delivers a very sophisticated and clean jewelry blog. Here you can find information and articles on jewelry shows, antique jewelry, jewelry trends, designers. You can get "your daily dose of jewelry" at Jewels du Jour. This blog is very organized and features jewelry auction highlights, news in the world of jewelry and even a library of top books about the jewelry industry. 



Liza with Gemologue

Formerly known as Gem-A-Porter, Gemologue is a dialogue of gems that won Best Blog in the Fashion Category at the UK Blog Awards in April 2015. Liza's blog features her discoveries as she travels around the world including fine jewelry, fashion jewelry and vintage jewelry. With a modern magazine style layout, her blog effortlessly blends urban street style with fine jewelry, along with interviews and reviews.

Well, there you have our top 5 recommendations of jewelry blogs to follow (besides ours.) Give them a look and let us know your favorites! There's a nice mix of gemologists, curators, fine jewelry, fashion jewelry, vintage and period specific jewelry. You can find jewelry auctions, jewelry reviews, jewelry how-to's and even a jewelry library. Enjoy!


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