2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Jewelry

Over 50 million people from around the world watched the famous, annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show of 2015. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid featured as models among the angels. Sexy lingerie was presented in fashionable and outstanding style. As always it was one spectacular show. We however, would like to take a look at the jewelry that adorned the angels as they strutted their stuff.

According to The Cut from NYMag.com, the show’s styling mastermind, Sophia Neophitou, turned to jeweler Eddie Borgo, who outfitted the angels last year. In ten months he created almost 450 pieces of jewelry to deck the angels out in. There were plenty of silk tassels, tiered cuffs, stud earrings, cascading drop necklaces and more. Let’s check out a few of these masterful jewelry looks!


Kendall Jenner dazzled in her major modeling debut. Her psychedelic ensemble featured a long cascading necklace, layered with a shorter choker, paired with plenty of bold, unique bracelets and cuffs stacked.

While Gigi Hadid, dazzled in a stunning butterfly themed ensemble. Accessorized with an amazing pair of shoes this tantalizing look was paired with just a few cuffs that were bold and similar in color but they in no way overtook the look.

Candice Swanepoel rocked her colorful wings and high boots. Her look featured a chunky, colored choker layered with longer pieces. Simple, dangle earrings peeked out from her hair and thinner bracelets were stacked to perfection.

While on the more simple side, Sui He appeared in a stunning winter including a fur hat and feather wings. This winter wonderland look featured an eye-drawing choker and a few rings layered on her fingers. 

These are just a couple of the looks from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show of 2015. Angels entranced the audience in bedazzled bodysuits, giant feathered wings and more! Some looks were more simple while others were out of this world (quite literally in a couple cases). All of these pictures are from Getty Images and Elle.com. We encourage you to watch the Victoria’s Secret show to enjoy the one-of-a-kind looks yourself or find some more images. Everything was magnificently done. From the lingerie, to the wings, and shoes, right down to the very last ring. Every detail was carefully thought through and implemented. Check out the fantastic jewelry featured and find some similar items in our collections here at Melroso! View our jewelry collection here!

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