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Here at Melroso, founder and creative director, Colette Tebele, combines her own designs with a collection she has carefully selected and acquired from around the world. These unique pieces are curated from all corners of the world, including Los Angeles, Australia, Israel and Greece. The pieces selected embody the French aestheic. Here are just a few of Melroso’s designers.

Vanessa Mooney

"The brand exists as an eclectic muse that draws influence from a multitude of eras, revolutions and walks of life. Driven by a sense of artistic wanderlust, this is a brand for every woman - regardless of style and influence, she can find herself within the Mooney aesthetic."

Amber Sceats

"Heavily influenced by her appreciation for art, travel and architecture; Amber Sceats is an ode to the abstract. The underlying ‘rock’ element throughout her collections make the pieces uncompromisingly contemporary whilst simultaneously timeless."


“Inspired by folklore, mythology & the California lifestyle, Torchlight creates jewelry & goods for the free-spirited woman. Torchlight pieces are enriched with hints of vintage, Southwestern & North American influences & often feel as though they were created in a different time.”


“Dafné’s line started with the idea of creating elegant and edgy functional jewelry that could be easily put on and removed, which inspired the use of a strong magnetic clasp on all her creations.True mix between precious & edgy jewel, Dafne’s pieces combine lightness and refinement with each wrap bracelet easily convertible into necklace.”


French-born founder and creative director Colette Tebele draws inspiration from the glittering shores of the Côte d'Azur. Her pieces embody the effortless chic and understated elegance of the French aesthetic: they lead the eye to the beauty of their wearer. This less-is-more approach yields a collection that is both affordable and classically chic, offering everything from statement pieces to casual essentials.”

By Boe

“The designer’s scandanavian roots and diverse creative experiences—including interior design studies at parsons and an apprenticeship with a couture dressmaker in Dubai—immediately yielded something altogether provocative and new in the contemporary jewelry market. Along with Annika’s uncommon take on architectural and nature-inspired pendants, cuffs, and earrings quickly gained attention.”

Jules Smith

A lover of all things vintage, her design aesthetic pulls from the most alluring aspects of 60’s post-modernism to 70’s boho and 80’s glam. She combines these luxe details with a sleek, refined approach to design, resulting in a classic, contemporary line that cleverly incorporates sophisticated and unexpected nods to the past.”

8 Other Reasons

8 Other Reasons is at the centre of a jewellery revolution; where quality, miscellany in design and affordability are all as imperative. Fashion forward and in demand, 8 Other Reasons encompasses beautiful statement pieces and everyday staples to complement each wardrobe. From oversized chains in matte metals, joint iron cuffs, necklaces adorned with coloured jewels and delicate pop colour stones.”

Melroso embodies a “less is more” approach to fashion and it is exemplified in our collection. The pieces curated, must have a chic and understated elegance that achieves the ultimate goal - to accentuate the beauty of the wearer, not overpower it. This collection features over 41 top jewelry designers of the fashion world. Above is just a small handful of the designers we feature, along with Colette Malouf, Eleizabeth and James, Sophie Sparrow, Tai, Jenny Bird, Wanderlust + Co, Amorium, 2 Bandits, Five and Two, Goldish, Jane Diaz and Ettika.

Be sure to check our Inside Looks here at Melroso Designer’s - Luv Aj & Vanessa Mooney.

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