Perfect Earrings To Compliment Your Face Shape

Do you have earrings that you like the look of but aren’t too fond of the way they look on you? Why is that? It’s probably because the shape of the earring does not compliment the shape of your face, as we’d all like. The perfect earrings can add the finishing touch to any outfit. While most women shop for these accessories based on color, style and the materials it consists of - you should also look at whether they are right for your face shape. Here’s a quick guide to earring types, face shapes and which ones compliment each other the best.

Oval Face Shape:

Oval shaped faces feature foreheads that are as wide as the cheekbones. The face narrows from the cheeks to the chin, creating the oval shape. Women with an oval shaped face look good in nearly every style of earring. However, this face shape looks particularly striking when wearing long dangle earrings of an oval, teardrop or chandelier shape.

Round/Circular Shape:

Round shaped faces are widest at the cheekbones. The cheekbones do not taper down to the chin as with other face shapes. Women with a round face shape are usually aiming to slim the look of their face. To achieve this avoid curves and round earrings. This face shape looks stunning when wearing teardrop earrings and long, thin dangle earrings.

Heart Shape:

Heart shaped faces feature a forehead that is wider than the cheeks. The cheeks further taper down to the chin. Women with heart shaped faces should avoid earrings that taper at the bottom and heart shaped earrings. This face shape looks particularly good in dangle, teardrop and chandelier earrings. Chandelier earrings in a diamond shapes to add an interesting contrast.

Square Shape:

Square shaped faces feature a forehead, cheeks and a jaw that are all about the same width. Women with this shape tend to have very strong jaw lines. Women with square shaped faces should avoid square shaped earrings and very wide earrings. The best choices for this face shape are those of a rounded design. Elongated, dangling pieces, teardrops, and hoop earrings look the best on this face shape.

Narrow/Rectangle Shape:

Narrow shaped faces have the same general shape as the square, but is elongated. Pearls happen to be an excellent choice for this face shape. Women with the rectangle face shape should avoid long, wide earrings. The best choices for this face type are those with elongated curves, such as ovals, teardrops and hoops.

Diamond Shape:

Diamond shaped faces have a forehead and chin that are narrower than the cheekbones. Women with diamond shaped faces tend to have very strong cheekbones. Women with this face shape should avoid dangle earrings that feature a diamond shape or are top heavy. Choose earrings with soft curves; both dangles and hoop styles look particularly striking on this face shape.

You may have noticed that we have not mentioned studs in any of these categories. Studs are a universal earring, women with any face shape can wear them and feel confident that they are flattering them. You may also have noticed the recurring theme - do not wear earrings that are the same shape as your face. These are just the basic, most common face shapes, there are a few that were not mentioned, but you can get the idea of the basic “guidelines” of face shapes and the best earrings to compliment them and which ones to avoid. The most important thing when purchasing earrings is that YOU like and them and feel confident and beautiful. So, if you have or find a pair of earrings that you love, but they go against the guidelines, keep them or buy them anyway. As long as they make you feel beautiful, it doesn’t matter what the guidelines say - confidence is the best accessory. Check out our collection of earrings by top designers, curated from around the world! Look Here - Earring Collection

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