Best Valentine Jewelry Ideas

It’s that time of year - Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. This day has become accepted as the day to celebrate life with the special loved ones in their life, for couples especially. Do you have something special planned? A private dinner for two - an exciting night out? Either way, unless you’re extremely confident or a pro, planning the evening and finding the perfect gift that says exactly what you want can be pretty stressful. There are a few gifts that are considered appropriate for this day, chocolates, stuffed animals, flowers and of course, jewelry. Let us take some of that stress off of you; here are some of our best recommendations for jewelry gift ideas for your Valentine.


Show The Love

Popular jewelry gifts for Valentine’s Day often feature red, pink and hearts. This is a good way to show her the love and tell her exactly what she means to you. Here are a few of our specially curated jewelry from top designers that feature the theme of the season - hearts.

1.Open Heart Necklace
2. Rivet Heart Studs
3. Love Emoji Choker
4. Sweetheart Leather Wraparound


Light of My Life

Girls love shiny things - it’s commonly accepted and known. Is she special to you? Say “Be Mine” with these top picks of sparkling and glittering jewelry. Brighten up her day and let her know that she’s the light of your life with these jewelry gift ideas.


1. Simple Bar Necklace
2. Paris Choker
3. Bassa Cuff
4. Simple Crawler Earcuffs


Wow Her

Everyone who gives a gift is looking for that “WOW” face. That look they get when they are so surprised and so happy, that her eyes brighten and the biggest smile graces her face. These top jewelry picks will add that wow factor into your special Valentine’s Day night.


1. Luna Lapis Choker
2. Brasilia Cuff
3. Leaf Necklace
4. Fan Ear Jacket


Unique You

Every woman is unique. Show her that you know she is her own person and how much you love it with these one of a kind pieces. She’ll love that you thought it out and appreciate how there’s only one her and that you feel you're lucky to have her.


1. Long Charm Necklace
2. Starburst Studs
3. Luciana Cuff
4. Lovers Lane Choker


Some women are into the hearts and flowers of Valentine’s Day. Others prefer to know that you thought out the night and thought about her with a gift that’s not as generic. Show her the love with special hearts and love sentiments. Let her know she’s the light of your life with sparkly, glittering baubles. Wow her and have her in awe of your taste with pieces we’ve specially picked. Tell her that you adore and appreciate how unique she is with these equally unique and one of a kind jewelry pieces. Whichever your girl is more into, we have some top picks for your Valentine Jewelry Gifts Ideas. Check out our complete jewelry collection here: Melroso Jewelry.

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