A Recap of This Season's The Bachelorette: Rachel's Journey of Ups, Downs, and All of The Styles In Between

After an emotional wrapping up of Abc's The Bachelorette on Monday night, many fans are left in a state of disbelief.  After eleven weeks of incessantly following Rachel's journey to find a husband on Monday nights, the season finale was anticlimactic to say the least.  It was a season of many firsts, as Rachel made history as the first black bachelorette in 13 years of the show's production.  Rachel Lindsay, a lawyer who prides herself on keeping it real, kept this season interesting in all of it's unexpected relationships and drama.  During Monday night's finale, Rachel chose smooth-talking Bryan, a chiropractor from Miami, over Peter, a man who wasn't ready to propose after only weeks of dating (and due to the fact that there was another man involved, crazy right?).  Though the season finale may have been a dud, this season kept Bachelor Nation in an emotional rollercoaster to last viewers until next season (and if that isn't enough, you can always tune into Bachelor in Paradise).  Here we'll take a look back at some of the most outrageous moments from the show and how you can channel Rachel Lindsay's impeccable style throughout her journey to find love.


Episode 1: Rose Ceremony

Rachel's quest for love began much like other seasons of the show with many failed attempts made by the men to impress her including:  tickling her, dressing up like Steve Urkle, Whaboom, and bringing along a creepy paper machee doll, (must I go on?).  But Rachel was hopeful with her batch of 30 men as she got to know them throughout the evening.  Rachel opted for a stunning white dress with a low back accentuated with soft waves and minimal jewelry, because nobody knows better than this Dallas lawyer that the best first impression is made with simple, elegant accessories.  Channel Rachel's first night at the rose ceremony in the Deep Vertical Pin Earrings from designer, By Boe.









Episode 2: DeMario Has a Girlfriend

Rachel made it clear from the start that she was serious about finding someone to spend forever with.  Her sincerity was made a mockery when contestant, DeMario Jackson, arrived on the show with an alleged girlfriend back home.  The girlfriend crashed the group date during the second week to out their relationship to Rachel.  While DeMario pretended not to know the young woman, Rachel turned on her lawyering skills and saw through DeMario's story and sent him home immediately.  At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, DeMario made a desperate attempt to come back and was shut down by Rachel.  This bachelorette proves to everyone who is boss by accessorizing her fur coat with a gold choker and teardrop earrings and studs in her second holes.  Achieve a similar look with the Revel Starburst Shaker Choker by Luv Aj and Teardrop studs by Tai Jewelry.



Episode 3:  The Bachelors Strip Down on the Ellen Degeneres Show

This is the part of The Bachelorette that we all know and love.  The contestants are usually subject to appearances in front of crowds of people, hoping to catch the attention of the bachelor/bachelorette, over everyone else on the group date.  This season, the men made their television talkshow debut on the Ellen Degeneres Show.  The men were asked to strip down for charity and dance for the audience members as they were showered with money.  For the event, Rachel chose to wear a cold shoulder dress with simple hair and makeup that was accessorized with a statement ring.  Click to shop Rachel's look with the Pave Butterfly Ring by Melroso.

Episode 4:  The Spelling Bee

After being left heartbroken on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, Rachel became a fast fan-favorite due to her charm, good looks, and intelligence.  Rachel set out to find a man who could keep up with her wits and put the men to the test during episode four's spelling bee.  While many of the men fell short, it was Josiah who was able to spell the most for extra time with Rachel.  For the spelling bee, Rachel chose a pair of simple silver hoop earrings to accessorize her casual group date outfit.  Link to shop the Gold Wire Hoops from By Boe below.



Episode 5:  Rachel's Rose Ceremony Arm Candy

Rachel's rose ceremony looks are always on point.  I love her dark look in episode 5 with her dramatic makeup and black dress.  This bachelorette seems to have a love for silver with the layering of bracelets, rings, and a statement watch.  Shop and stack these silver options including the River Cuff Bracelet from Jenny Bird and the Silver Moon and Star bangle from Melroso Jewelry.



Episode 6:  Rachel and Kenny Part Ways

Rachel and Kenny's relationship was doomed as soon as Kenny got caught up in all of the drama with fellow contestant, Lee.  Kenny is known as one of the most well-liked contestants on the show and is a fan-favorite due to his kind nature and love for his daughter, McKenzie.  The Kenny and Lee feud was taken to new heights during the always awkward two on one date.  Although Rachel saw through Lee's lies about Kenny, it wasn't enough to bring Kenny through to the next round.  Although Kenny is a professional wrestler, he is a softie at heart and that makes him a top pick as the bachelor for next season.  During what seems to be one of the most mature breakups in history, Rachel layers a simple black necklace with a long statement necklace.  You can get her look with the Black Leather Starburst Choker.



Episode 7:  Rachel and Bryan's Luxurious Date in Sweden

Rachel brings the men to Sweden where she shares a romantic afternoon and evening with her future husband, Bryan.  The pair cruise around in a Bently during the date and stop at Bering, a Swedish watch company.  Rachel ends up buying Bryan one expensive watch on the date before heading off on their next adventure.  The men are not too happy when Bryan comes back with his new gift.  For this date, Rachel exudes extravagance in her all-white ensemble teamed up with a long, statement necklace.  Check out the Satellite Gold Necklace with Black Sapphires by Dafne, to achieve Rachel's look.



Episode 8:  Hometown Dates

Perhaps the craziest hometown dates to occur in Bachelor/Bachelorette history.  It seemed as though the only successful hometown date was meeting Eric's family in Baltimore, Maryland.  Rachel also met with Peter's family and was devastated when his mother expressed the fact that Peter may not be ready for marriage (which eventually led to the couple's breakup) and Dean's family who never quite reconciled after losing their mother when Dean was only a teenager.  This led to some unresolved issues between Dean and his father that Rachel was caught in the middle of.  Pictured above is Rachel meeting with Bryan's mother who expresses to Rachel that "if [Bryan's] happy, I'm happy.  If he's not, I'll kill you."  What a way to meet the in-laws!  Clearly, Bryan's family wasn't enough to scare Rachel off, as she picked Bryan for an engagement at the end of the show.  While meeting Bryan's family, Rachel mixes gold and silver jewelry, while stacking many rings.  Channel this bold look with the X Ring from Melroso and the Gold Polaris Ring by Elizabeth and James.




Episode 9:  Fantasy Suites

Rachel and Eric's relationship was off to a rocky start, but that all changed after the couple headed out for their one on one date towards the end of the season.  The pair made an adorable couple, but that wasn't enough to keep Eric in the competition.  After telling Rachel that she was the only girl he had ever loved or taken home to his family, Rachel sent him packing, but not before stunning in a diamond choker.  Get this layered look with the Florence Choker by Haati Chai.



Episode 10:  The Men Tell All

The Men Tell All is usually an uncomfortable experience where the drama aired throughout the season is rehashed on live television.  But no Men Tell All has been as uncomfortable to sit through as this season's.  Contestant Lee was put in the hot seat as he was met with his tweets demonstrating racist and sexist remarks.  It was one awkward night for Bachelor Nation, but the night definitely resolved issues that needed to be addressed.  Rachel went with her usual silver accessories and layering of numerous statement rings.  Get your own statement ring with the Double Pave Spike Ring from Luv Aj.



 Episode 11:  Season Finale

Rachel looked gorgeous accepting a marriage proposal from Bryan atop of a windy mountain in Spain.  She chose a sparkling gown for the occasion with simple and understated jewelry (perhaps not to take away from the enormous rock she would be receiving).  For minimalist jewelry, look no further than the Opal and Diamond Droplet Studs from La Kaiser.



Now one question remains, who will be the next bachelor?  While the newly engaged couple believes that Alex deserves to be the next bachelor to find love, I am Team Eric.  Stay tuned! 

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