Bracelets Then & Now: Popular Bracelets of Today

The bracelet is one of the world's oldest and most popular articles of jewelry. Manufactured from a wide range of materials, its history stretches back several thousand years. According to historians, the first civilization to produce decorative bracelets that had cultural significance was the Ancient Egyptians. Before that time, ornamental accessories were made from basic natural materials like shells, rocks, and wood and were purely decorative.

Bracelets Then

The elites of Egyptian society had special affinity for certain types of bracelets. Charm bracelets, for instance, were thought to ward off bad luck and evil spirits. When made with gold and precious stones, these accessories served as early ID bracelets for wealthy people who had passed into the afterlife. 

The bracelet was also popular with the Ancient Greeks. Worn by both men and women of all social classes, it was used as both a decorative and a utilitarian accessory. Greek soldiers often wore bracelets on both wrists as defensive bands.

Bracelets Of Today

The bracelet remains one of the most popular and accessible accessories even today. Bracelets are available in a wide variety of styles and materials and can compliment any ensemble, which make the a very versatile piece of jewelry. Metals, woven thread, gems, plastic, are just some of many types of materials that bracelets can be found in. The variety in size and style also make the bracelet perfect for casual, professional, or elegant wear.  Let's take a look at a few of the most popular styles of bracelets.


Cuff  Bracelets

This bracelet spans the wrist but is open in the back. The opening allows the wearer to put on and remove the bracelet. Cuff bracelets come in a variety of widths from a basic thin bracelet shape to a very wide cuff. Most fit the wrist fairly snugly and usually have some type of design or gems. 

Charm Bracelets

One of the world's oldest bracelets, charm bracelets are popular with women of all ages. For many young girls, these accessories are their very first article of jewelry. Charms make great gifts because they are easily personalized.

Bangle Bracelets

A bangle is a bracelet that is in solid form and is generally made from some type of metal. They are often worn in pairs or in groups. Bangles can be worn in a group all near the base of the wrist or they can be pushed up the arm and spread out for more of an "arm party" look. 


 All in all, bracelets have withstood the test of time. From being purely decorative, to being completely personalized, to having a specific purpose, bracelets are the perfect accessory. Versatile in materials, size, and styles you are sure to find the bracelets that fit in your life perfectly. Browse our curated bracelet collection now to find your new favorite!

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