Curated Jewelry - Online Boutique - What Is It & How Does It Fit Together?


Here at Melroso Jewelry you may have seen us describe ourselves as an online curated jewelry boutique. But what does that mean? What is an online curated jewelry boutique? Okay, so we may know what bits of that means but all together - maybe not. Here we have just a basic rundown of what we are as an online curated jewelry boutique.

Curated, is the keyword that makes Melroso different from a majority of jewelry boutiques. Currently, curated has taken on the connotation and urban definition of meaning uber cool and exclusive, however, defines curated as the action of selecting, organizing and presenting. For our purposes we’re going to stick with the traditional definition of curated.

In short, Melroso is not an open marketplace like so many other ecommerce websites. This means that we don’t have products from just any maker or designer and when you purchase from us, you’re not purchasing directly from those makers. Instead, you buy directly from us and we stand behind the products you buy. Melroso is not a catchall boutique and we choose which jewelry we present in our collections based on numerous factors, one main factor being quality.

At Melroso, founder Colette Tebele combines her own designs with collections that she has carefully selected and acquired from around the globe. We offer specialty accessories and unique jewelry. These unique pieces are curated from all corners of the world, including Los Angeles, Australia, Israel and Greece. The jewelry pieces selected embody the French aesthetic. They must have a chic and understated elegance that achieves the ultimate goal - to accentuate the beauty of the wearer, not overpower it. Melroso embodies a “less is more” approach to fashion and it is exemplified in our collection. Any piece of jewelry that comes to our attention must pass tests for fit and quality before we allow them to be added to our curated collection.

“Creating unique product lines that provide customers with a distinct collection not offered by other online retailers in a market.” This is Webopedia’s definition for curated commerce and essentially, it is our goal. Our goal is to provide you with a quality selection of unique and fashionable jewelry that we have carefully selected and offer it to you through our online boutique. Since we are an online boutique we do not have a showroom and instead display our curated jewelry collections on our website. On our website you can browse through the different curated collections by the jewelry designer, the type of jewelry you’re looking for, or by using the search bar we have provided to find your new favorite jewelry pieces.

We encourage you to visit our online curated jewelry boutique and find the new jewelry piece that will make your wardrobe exactly what you want it to be. Do you have suggestions for our boutique? Do you have a designer you’d like to suggest? Feel free to comment below or bring it to our attention using #mymelroso.

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