Don't Know Your Ring Size? How To Easily And Effectively Measure Your Fingers At Home

Shopping for jewelry online may seem like a daunting task, but here at Melroso, we prove that ordering online isn't as scary as it seems.

We offer high quality rings made with love and exquisite craftsmanship. Not knowing your ring size shouldn't deter you from coveting these unique beauties. Step up your ring game with fine jewelry designers like La Kaiser, Everett, A.M. Thorne, Hayley K.S., and May Martin, or go for the more affordable, yet incredibly talented designers like Kosakh, Luv Aj, Jenny Bird, and Tippy Taste to name a few. Read on to learn more about how to size your fingers at home for a flawless fit!

There are a few simple ways to measure your ring finger at home, but personally, we feel this method is the easiest. All you will need for this technique is a ruler or measuring tape, a piece of yarn, and some scissors.

First, grab your yarn and cut a piece about 6 inches long, (a piece of paper, or other non-stretchy object may work as well), and wrap it around the base of your finger. Hint: You may also use this technique to measure the upper part of your finger for midi rings.

Make sure the object fits snuggly, but not too tight, and mark a point on the string where the yarn matches up again, forming a complete circle.

Lay the yarn down flat and with your ruler, measure the length in inches. Below is a conversion chart for you to determine your accurate ring size!

 Use this chart below to convert your measurement:



A few extra tips:

Only measure your finger when your body is at a normal temperature. Do not measure when you are cold or hot because fingers will shrink and expand, giving you an inaccurate number.

If you have larger knuckles, measure the base of your finger and the size of your knuckle and pick a size in between. You don't want to have to break out the soap to get your ring on!

Some other foolproof ways to make sure you have the correct finger measurement is to always remember that a ring should slide on easily and come off hard. This is a general rule of thumb when sizing rings.

Another thing to keep in mind is that rings with wider bands have a tighter fit. Most jewelers recommend going up anywhere from .25 to .5 size, depending on the width.

When in doubt, go bigger. Sometimes rings fit differently from time to time. It is usually best to choose a slightly larger ring size due to the many changes in temperature and water retention we experience throughout the day.

Rings have the ability to amp up any ensemble into a super femme look. These easy accessories can be used to make bold statements, while daintier pieces exude elegance. Use this measuring method to get the perfect fit every time. If this doesn't sound appealing, you can also order the Adjustable Plastic Ring Sizer for precise measurements every time, no makeshift ruler necessary.

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