Favorite Fall Colors To Add To Your Closet This Season

Are you someone who waits all year for the crisp, fresh air of autumn? Break out the pumpkin spice, fall has finally arrived! The bright sunny days of summer are giving way to the cooler evenings and brisk mornings of fall. Pumpkins dot porches and leaves cover the ground. With the season, comes a change in the wardrobe. Summer dresses are tucked away and cardigans and scarves are pulled out into the light. Here’s a list of all the fall colors that are popular in fashion this season! Which colors will you be adding to your wardrobe this fall?

Olive Green

Olive green and other deeper greens are reminiscent of the last bits of green in the leaves before they change and leave their branches. Olive green is a the perfect staple for an autumn wardrobe. It’s a pop of color but deep enough to be worn as a neutral.


Burgundy is an enduring favorite in fashion for the fall season. Burgundy and other deep reds can give an outfit a sultry look. So while you may be starting to pile on the layers to avoid the cooler weather, rest assured with burgundy in your ensemble, you’re looking hot!

Mustard Yellow

In a surprising twist, mustard yellow has joined the fall fashion stage. It’s a bright, festive color with a nod to 80’s pop culture. Be bold. Add a little pop of mustard yellow to your outfit to bring a little sunshine to the cool days of autumn.

Burnt Orange

Another fall fashion staple, burnt orange is a favorite for the wardrobe. It’s fiery warmth will keep you feeling festive and fashionable. Embrace the fall season with a burnt orange accent in your outfit while you sip on your pumpkin spice latte.


Navy is stunning deep blue, that is universally flattering. As a classic in the fall fashion wardrobe, navy will keep you feeling elegant all the way through until spring. Navy can be accented with so many colors, you’ll definitely want a couple favorite pieces in your closet!


The lovely jewel tone of emerald can not be ignored when it comes to fall fashion. You’ll feel just as precious as the gem when you’re wearing this glamorous color. Pair a neutral piece in your closet with a rich emerald accent, and you’ll be feeling regal all day.


A brighter red is also a fall fashion favorite. Red is such an energizing color. Fall weather getting you down? Pop some red into your outfit and you’ll feel like rocking the world!
Fall is upon us and before we know it, we’ll find ourselves ankle deep in winter. Enjoy the warm and bright colors of autumn. Which fall colors do you have in your closet this season?

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