Inside Melroso: Designer Jane Diaz

Melroso’s founder and curator, Colette Tebele, curates her jewelry selection from designers around the world. She takes inspiration from different cultures to provide a collection of jewelry that makes the wearer feel confident and sexy by accentuating their natural beauty. Among these curated pieces are designs we’ve added from the popular jewelry brand Jane Diaz. You may have heard of jewelry designer Jane Diaz and her self-named brand. As a jewelry brand, Jane Diaz is becoming increasingly prominent in the fashion world. Here’s a bit about her and why her pieces inspire us.

The Woman & The Brand

Jane Diaz has loved jewelry since she was a little girl. She likes to think of them as tiny objects that accompany you through life. She loves the fact that you can take your jewelry out with family or friends and tell all the stories that go along with each piece. Jane has been collaborating with silver and goldsmiths in Bhaktapor, Napal since 1989. Nepal is a small country, hidden away in the Himalayas, between China and India. Here, they have been making jewelry the same way for generations, by hand - turning blocks of pure silver and gold into plates and wires as they build the jewelry from scratch. It is Jane Diaz’s mission to keep their crafts alive, as she's learned much and values the magical relationship a great deal.

The Jewelry & The Designs

Working with the Napalese silversmiths for over twenty years has given Jane Diaz jewelry a very unique style. We love the simplicity of the jewelry, while it still gives you the feel of otherworldliness. With a background in fine art, anthropology and dance, Jane’s passion for ritual and ornamentation show through her unique designs. While the designs are primarily silver and painterly colors characterize her stone collections. Designs also feature aspects from Victorian Romance, Art Deco and Mid Century Modern styles. Jane Diaz values the uniqueness and distinction that human touch adds to each jewelry piece.

Here at Melroso, we love how versatile Jane Diaz makes her jewelry pieces. Jane Diaz jewelry pieces are the perfect mix between edgy and unique jewelry. We are happy to include Jane Diaz jewelry pieces in our collection and are looking forward to seeing what comes next from this brand. Browse our full Jane Diaz jewelry collection to find your new favorite! Share a selfie of you rocking your Jane Diaz jewelry with #mymelroso. Interested in learning more about some of the other designers that are featured in Melroso’s collection? Check out the inside look on Vanessa Mooney, Luv Aj’s Amanda Thomas or designer Amber Sceats.  

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