Inside Melroso: Designer Jenny Bird

Melroso’s founder and curator, Colette Tebele, curates her jewelry selection from designers around the world. She takes inspiration from different cultures to provide a collection of jewelry that makes the wearer feel confident and sexy by accentuating their natural beauty. Among these curated pieces are designs we’ve added from popular jewelry designer, Jenny Bird. You may have heard of Jenny Bird, as the brand she established, that holds her name, is becoming increasingly prominent in the fashion world. Here’s a bit about her and why her pieces inspire us.

Jenny Bird grew up in the scenic town of Elora in Ontario, Canada; since then, she has become one of the hot, new designers in the jewelry scene. Her self-named brand was founded in 2008 in Toronto and actually started out as a line of handbags and has since expanded to include accessories.Why a self-named brand? In her interview with Love & Pieces she says that she was lucky to have a name perfect for a brand.  In 2011 her husband, Adam, joined her as President of the company. In 2014 and 2015 she was nominated by CAFA as Canada’s Accessory Designer of the Year.

Now, Jenny Bird is a leading international brand with over 600 retailers worldwide. Bird said her endless desire for “the new” drives her to create more collections. This self-taught designer has found jewelry designing to be the most intuitive, effortless process that she has ever known. According to the about section on her website, she wants “birdgirls” to feel her essence in each piece she creates and loves to see their spirit and style bring her jewelry pieces to life.

Her pieces are a fuse of being inspired by the nature of her home place in Canada and driven by the street style of New York. In an interview with Anya Georgijevic she describes Jenny Bird as “Canadian, boho-luxe and attainable.” She also describes the women who wear Jenny Bird as free-spirited, approachable, strong, fun, cool and of course stylish.

So, what’s next for Jenny Bird and her jewelry brand? She plans on expanding the brand to include more accessories such as sunglasses and shoes (she’s especially excited about shoes). We particularly love this bit from the Jenny Bird About page of her website “I am committed to a personal philosophy: the market does not need more soulless, short-lived fashion jewelry, nor does it need over-priced plated pieces. Each piece I design is deeply inspired and well thought-out;  produced in the highest quality, and sold at a fair price.”

Jenny Bird’s jewelry line pushed the envelope by staying ahead of the current trends. However, these pieces are definitely not a one-season-hit; they will carry you through season after season for as long as you love them. We love what she has done with the Jenny Bird brand and are excited to be adding her versatile, luxurious jewelry pieces to our collection. Browse our full Jenny Bird Collection to find your new favorite! Interested in learning more about some of the other designers that are features in Melroso’s collection? Check out the inside look on Vanessa Mooney, Luv Aj’s Amanda Thomas or designer Amber Sceats.

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