Inside Melroso: Gorjana's Designers Gorjana & Jason Griffin Reidel

Melroso’s founder and curator, Colette Tebele, curates her jewelry selection from designers around the world. She takes inspiration from different cultures to provide a collection of jewelry that makes the wearer feel confident and sexy by accentuating their natural beauty. Among these curated pieces are designs we’ve added from the popular jewelry brand, Gorjana. You may have heard of Gorjana and it’s founders and designers, Gorjana and Jason Griffin Reidel. The jewelry brand Gorjana is becoming increasingly prominent in the fashion world. Here’s a bit about them and why their pieces inspire us.

The People & The Brand

Gorjana is the self-named brand, a dream and creation of couple Gorjana and Jason Griffin Reidel. Yugoslavia born Gorjana and her husband both received marketing degrees from Arizona State University. After that Jason Griffin pursued and acquired a law degree from Pepperdine University, School of Law. Gorjana expanded her business experience with a Newport Beach jewelry designer and in the jewelry department at Neiman Marcus. This husband and wife duo dreamt of and started Gorjana jewelry on the floor of their apartment in 2004. It came from a desire to live life in the now and to have fun while doing it. Since then, Gorjana jewelry has blossomed into the jewelry empire it is.

The Jewelry & Designs

Gorjana is a LA based women’s jewelry brand that has modern, delicate, and feminine designs that have a bit of edge to them. While the brand is not targeted to a specific age group or style type, we love that the jewelry coming from Gorjana is easy to manage and interchangeable. These pieces can be worn as a simple, stand alone piece or layered creatively to create different looks. This accessibility makes this line the perfect jewelry choice for professional women who need a new way to visually convey their confidence and professionalism while still retaining individuality.

Gorjana and her husband find their inspiration for their jewelry pieces from all around. In an interview with Forbes Gorjana said that “if I stay open to the world, ideas pour in.” The 18k gold and rose gold plated jewelry that we see coming from the Gorjana brand has a stunning, bold look to it, yet remains incredibly feminine and delicate. While Gorjana mainly incorporates metals, they have recently started in include gemstones in their designs and the result is incredible.

These jewelry pieces are so versatile, they’re not only a great fashion choice but a good investment in money as well. A Gorjana piece can take you from day to night and everywhere in between. There is something that may appeal to everyone. Gorjana offers functional, stylish and highly wearable jewelry. We are happy to include Gorjana jewelry pieces in our collection and are looking forward to seeing what comes next from this brand. Browse our full Gorjana jewelry collection to find your new favorite! Interested in learning more about some of the other designers that are featured in Melroso’s collection? Check out the inside look on Vanessa Mooney, Luv Aj’sAmanda Thomas or designer Amber Sceats.

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