Inside Melroso: Jewelry Designer & Brand Dafné

Melroso’s founder and curator, Colette Tebele, curates her jewelry selection from designers around the world. She takes inspiration from different cultures to provide a collection of jewelry that makes the wearer feel confident and sexy by accentuating their natural beauty. Among these curated pieces are designs we’ve added from the popular jewelry brand, Dafné. You may have heard of jewelry designer Dafné and her self-named brand. The jewelry brand Dafné is becoming increasingly prominent in the fashion world. Here’s a bit about them and why their pieces inspire us.

The Woman & The Brand

Designer Dafné was mexican-born to french parents. Raised in Paris, she studied and achieved a degree in International Business and now resides in the United States. After a career of working at the high-end brand YSL for seven years, Dafné decided to start her own jewelry brand. Founded in 2010, Dafné decided to use her namesake for her jewelry brand because she felt it was short, feminine and different. Her goal was to create elegant, yet edgy jewelry that most of all was functional.

The Jewelry & Designs

Inspired by women who are active, urban and trendy, Dafné jewelry is designed to be easily put on and removed. This sparked the use of her signature magnetic clasp. In an interview with Love & Pieces she stated that her muse is the idea that less is more. Dafné loves to mix luxurious and trendy and the pieces always have a feeling of lightness and refinement. Manufactured and based in Miami, Dafné says that she is definitely influenced by the colors and lightness in the Miami color palette she is surrounded by. On top of being inspired by the various colors, she also likes to experiment with material combinations and textures. Finally, she adds in a touch of sparkle and ensures the functionality and comfort of every piece. When designing her jewelry she pictures a woman who can turn her pieces from a fantastic look with jeans into a glamour piece with her little black dress.

Here at Melroso, we love how versatile Dafné makes her jewelry pieces. Dafné jewelry pieces are the perfect mix of dainty and edgy jewelry. Dafné jewelry was awarded the Tiffany Jewelry Award and was featured in Glamour and Refinery29. Available internationally, we are happy to include Dafné jewelry pieces in our collection and are looking forward to seeing what comes next from this brand. Browse our full Dafné jewelry collection to find your new favorite! Share a selfie of you rocking your Dafné jewelry with #mymelroso. Interested in learning more about some of the other designers that are featured in Melroso’s collection?  Check out the inside look on Vanessa Mooney, Luv Aj’s Amanda Thomas or designer Amber Sceats.

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