Jewelry Accessorizing Tips For The Holiday Party or Event

The pies, turkeys and pumpkin spice have taken over the food realm and holiday decorations have officially arrived in the stores. You’re planning out your Black Friday specials and maybe buying some liquor to get through the family gettogethers. You’ve got the kids picture outfits planned and have likely been thinking of the perfect ensemble for yourself as well. And we all know the icing on the cake is the jewelry. You can’t make the impression you’re wanting to without the proper accessories. Let’s give you a few tips so you can check this off your list as well.

Casual Get Together

These are the best aren’t they? Bring a side dish and your wonderful self and don’t have to worry about much else. You still want to feel and look good though. It is a family gathering after all. Let’s at least make a mild attempt and making the impression that we have our lives together. So, you’ve got your cute jeans, favorite sweater and some killer boots on. What are we pairing with it? Let’s go with some simple, but cute studs and a few stacking rings. If you feel like it you can throw on a dainty lariat, as well to top off the look. There you go - perfection.


Dressy Casual Event

This one requires a little bit more work. Trousers or a skirt usually replace the comfy jeans in this one. You can still wear your favorite sweater or you can swap it for a stylish blazer or blouse. Heels or boots are also appropriate in this circumstance. You’ll probably want to switch up the jewelry with this one. Try accessorizing this one with some glitzy earrings. They don’t have to be dangly but try a pavé style or another gem style. Even earrings with a unique design will work for this look. Add a flashy ring or two to your stacked “ring party.” If you’re going with a simple tee or sweater we recommend layering a few necklaces or going with a statement piece. If you’re wearing a dressy top you can still stick with the dainty simple look. Your earrings and rings will make up for it.


Fancy Function

Oh boy. This is the one where you set aside an hour or two to get ready. Do the hair and makeup, etc. There’s nothing wrong with being dressy for the holidays. Whether it’s an office affair or your family just likes the reason to get together and dress up, it’s all good. If you still want to be comfy (who doesn’t?) we recommend going with a simple, lace or sweater dress. You’ll still look plenty dressy but you won’t be pulling your hair out by the end of the night. The accessory for this one is pretty similar to the dressy casual event. Pick one of your accessories and make a statement out of it. Earrings, bracelet, necklace, rings, etc. Whatever you pick, tone down or do without the rest.


We want you to sparkle at these holiday events you have coming up. Your jewelry should show you off, not the other way around. So, make a statement, but make it one about you. And most importantly whether it’s an office party, a family get-together or some other affair you have scheduled, enjoy yourself.


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