Master Your Holiday Travels with These Jewelry Packing Tips

‘Tis the season. . . of packed bags, long security lines, and crowded airplanes. For all of those who travel home to visit the family it’s a struggle and usually our goal to just make it to our destination with as few struggles as possible. Holiday travel can be a pain to go through. Not only the act of traveling, but the decisions of what to pack and how to pack it. Goals: take what you need, get through security quickly, avoid wrinkled and broken items. Usually there is a holiday party or two on your calendar at the other end of your flight. We’ve got some top holiday travel tips for your jewelry to make it there and back with the least amount of frustration and no damage.

Invest In A Travel Bag

Yes! They make travel bags specifically for jewelry. The inside has hooks, pockets, snaps, and such to keep your necklaces from tangling, your earrings from separating, and your rings from bending! We definitely recommend investing in one of these amazing bags! If you can’t, we’ve got some easy tips below to keep your precious jewelry safe and organized during your holiday travels.

Avoid Tangled Necklaces

Slip one end of your necklace chain through a straw and then clasp it. The straw will keep the chain of the necklace protected and is an easy way to keep your necklaces from tangling with themselves or other necklaces during your travel.

Protect With A T-Shirt

Lay your necklaces (prepped for travel) on a t-shirt. Slowly and gently roll the t-shirt up with the necklaces inside to protect them even further during travel. When at your new destination, simply unroll the t-shirt slowly to have access to your beloved jewels.

Secure Earrings and Studs

So much time is wasted digging through a jewelry box to find the pair to the stud you want to wear. Stick those studs through the holes of a button to keep them together. No buttons to be found? You can stick them in a small decorative pillow or bit of cloth as an alternative to keep them secured and together.

Bracelets and Cuffs

String your bracelets through a toilet paper roll and clasp to avoid lost and tangled bracelets. For bangles, cuffs and other non-clasp bracelets, roll a t-shirt so that it is long, and thick enough to hold them secure. Slip these non-clasp bracelets over the t-shirt to avoid them getting bent or lost during travel.



Utilize A Pillbox

Store rings, earrings and other small jewelry pieces in the handy slots of a pillbox. The lids close nice and tight to avoid lost jewelry and pillboxes are available in a variety of sizes to meet your jewelry collection needs.
It’s a different type of struggle to make sure your jewelry arrives safe and unharmed on the other side of a trip. These simple tips could mean the difference between effortless a tangled mess of chains and earring backs and unpacking. Master your holiday travel and keep your jewels secured. Now all you have to worry about is making it through the family dinner.

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