Must-Have Summer Accessories: Bags, Belts and More!

Toes in cool blue water, cute jean shorts, wedge heels and the perfect pair of sunglasses: we’re enjoying our summer, are you?! Who doesn’t right? We’ve added quite a few new arrivals to our jewelry collection this summer. Delicate, flirty pieces from La Kaiser, funky, bold pieces from Luiny, sexy, light pieces from Haati Chai and so much more there is just too much to list. However, did you know Melroso doesn’t curate just jewelry? No! We have a whole selection of other accessories that are perfect for your summer shenanigans! Here’s a bit about the bags, belts, body jewelry and other accessories that we have selected just for you!

Summer Perfect Bags & Clutches

Our Bag Collection currently has two main designers that we fell in love with, Dutzi and Guadalupe. Both designers product one-of-a-kind designs with a unique flair and sass that is perfect for summer. Handmade and available in different sizes the bags, clutches and pouches we have available from Duzti are perfect for a day at the beach or a night at the festival. We love the origin and heartfelt mission behind this brand as well, read more about it here.  Lightweight and uniquely designed, we love how fun the clutches and totes from Guadalupe Design are! The bright colors and attention grabbing details will add a brilliant note and spice up any outfit you wear this summer.

Belts Your Inner Fashionista Will Go Crazy For

Belts don’t serve the same function they used to, at least not for a fashionistas. Oh no, belts are so much more than a simple device to keep our pants up. They are an accessory!! In fact, they don’t even have to keep our pants up, as long as they add that special something to our outfit - which is exactly what our curated Belt Collection does! Our collection brings you belts that we have deemed worthy of Melroso (and your) style. Fun, flirty, and downright sexy is what these belts are. Stylish chainmail, sleek leather wraps and the perfect addition to the boyfriend shirt are all in our collection of belts and they make the perfect summer accessory! We’ve selected bold brands like Luv Aj and Luiny to be a part of this collection. Add a belt to a simple summer ensemble to take it to the next level.

Accessories You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

What happens when summer hits? Heavy bulky layers come off and more skin shows. Here’s an accessory you didn’t even know you needed: temporary tattoos. We have a collection of non-toxic, metallic, temporary tattoos available in our accessories section. This collection of 30-40 designs from Tattoo Bella will give you everything you need to achieve layered looks without the weight or simply apply them as cute and super sexy accents.

Hair up - hair down - we’ve got the perfect accessory no matter your hair mood (as long as it’s a good mood). Let your inner goddess shine with stunning, unique and fun headbands! Gold headbands featuring leaf details will have your inner goddess embracing and rocking all of this summer’s events and festivities. Our headband collection features the stunning work of Avigail Adam.

How have you worn our must-have accessories? What are some of your favorite summer accessories?? Be sure to share them with us! #mymelroso



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