New Year, New You - Why Copping Pantone's Color of 2018, Ultra-Violet, May Bring You a Year of Good Fortune

2017 has been a crazy year to say the least. I won't go into details, but I am sure we can all agree that we are ready to start 2018 with a fresh set of goals and a newfound excitement for the future. Overall, I hope we can all look back on 2017 and remember the laughs shared and the lessons that were learned. Even if 2017 wasn't as great as you'd hoped it would be, it has no impact on the stellar year ahead of you.

Apparently the fashion zeitgeist is feeling the same way about new beginnings in 2018 because this year, Pantone announced their Color of the Year as Ultra Violet 18-3838. This bright, cool shade of purple was chosen as the successor to last year's "Greenery." Ultra violet symbolizes originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking.

Pantone Vice President, Laurie Pressman, sees the color as "very much an optimistic color, an empowering color." She goes on to  note that there is an underlying spirituality associated within this color, particularly due to the fact that we live in such complex times.

Among the first designers to pick up on this moody hue were Balenciaga and Gucci, who sent looks down the runway, each collection sporting an ultra-violet color palette. Just as we saw the spike in millennial pink offerings, we will begin to see more beauty products, logos, and home decor goods increase their breadth of this new-age purple.

Pictured below: A look from Gucci's Pre-Fall '18 Collection.

The deaths of music legends David Bowie and Prince are also believed to have inspired some of the ultra violet mania. Paying tribute to these iconic musicians through their signature color happens to coincide with the cyclical resurgence of trends from the '80's.

Pictured below: Prince's Purple Rain

Whether you're the trendsetter, a trend follower, or march to the beat of your own drummer, there are ways to incorporate ultra violet into your lifestyle. After all, who doesn't want to make 2018 their best year ever? Here is your guide to braving 2018 with this contemporary color.

Hold onto your seats Athleisure lovers, this one is for you. There isn't a more perfect example of ultra violet than the Balenciaga spandex midi boots. These shoes have made appearances everywhere since they were debuted on the luxury house's Spring '17 runway. These 80's inspired boots are available in three different styles making it three times as hard for you to decide which pair is your favorite. I love the look of a nice heeled shoe with a pair of athletic pants. This kind of styling feels very Bella Hadid-esque. Since yellow and purple are complementary colors, the gold stripe on these wide leg track pants bring out the best of the booties. I am obsessing over this bright blue PVC bomber from Zara. It is so contemporary and will work in your winter wardrobe in so many ways. Of course, Gucci can do no wrong it seems and I have decided to pair this look with the Gucci Ophidia embroidered shoulder bag. This vintage-inspired suede bag is straight off the Resort '18 runway.

Pink and red is the color combo of the season. The Italian made Pannier leather shoulder bag is the perfect accessory for when you need a pop of color in your outfit that isn't too over the top. Pair this with the simplicity of the Tibi crinkled leather white heels, a fine example of clean lines, which will look great with the Gucci Jersey stirrup purple leggings. The bottom half of this outfit feels very 80s, but feels more present with this bright yellow statement faux fur coat. What I love most about this outfit is that you can still look great and have an interesting outfit without feeling stiff or uncomfortable.

We have the online site, Storets, to thank for this beautful metallic midi skirt. The length perfectly compliments the underlying meaning of ultra violet. Pair this futuristic skirt with the $500 lavender faux fur coat from Rihanna's collection for Puma, Fenty. This heel feels 60s retro, while the stripes dial these shoes back to 2018. I like how they give this femme look a sporty vibe. Finish off the look with this Miu Miu Fanny pack. I recommend sporting this fanny pack style across your shoulder, so as not to take away from the skirt and coat combo. On a side note: make way for the micro-purse ladies, the miniature bag is back. Although this trend is so cute, it definitely isn't as easy and functional as a larger tote, because if you're like me, you pack everything with you at all times, and I mean everything.

Have a treat yoself day, you know you deserve it. After all of the holiday madness, there is nothing better than a spa day. Create your own spa day at home with a bath bomb. Bath bombs proved to be another popular beauty trend due to their Instagram-ability. Lush cosmetics bath bombs provide the ultimate relaxation, so take a deep couple breaths and enjoy some time to yourself. To make your bath even more spa-like, add a dash of lavender essential oil into your bath or your favorite night time products. Mac Cosmetics has come up with the most ultra violet-y of all lip glosses. This is the perfect lip for a night out with the girls. I imagine this look finished off with low key eye makeup and a slicked back high pony for a 'girl from the future' sleekness. Rihanna is always gracing headlines with her taste making styles, but her recent launch of the all inclusive line, Fenty Beauty, has been making waves recently. Rihanna rocks some of the best highlight in the game and I can only hope to look half as glowy as she does with her new Fenty shimmer stick in Unicorn.

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