Simple and Sassy Tips To Wearing Your Scarf This Winter Season

The easiest and most practical accessory for the winter months? The scarf. It’s cute, colorful, and functional. The right scarf can add the perfect touch to an outfit while also keeping you just that much warmer against the cold temperatures during your commute. We’ve got a couple simple but super cute ways for you to style your scarf this season!

The Once Around

Taking your scarf once around offers a little more warmth than just letting it drape making it more suitable for breezy or windy days. It also shows off a bit more of that adorable scarf. Lay your scarf across the back of your neck so that the right side is longer than the left, then take the long side across the front of your body and “once around your neck,” and return it to hang on the right side.

The Parisian Knot

Another popular scarf style. It’s frequently seen on the slopes but can also be found on the streets. This simple know offers a buffer from the cold and takes just a second to tie. Halve your scarf so that you hold it by the loop. With both ends dangling loose together, take the ends around your neck. Bring them across your chest and thread them both through the loop.

The Twice Around

This scarf tie is particularly useful on a day you need to guard against the bitter cold. It’s also a cute way to show off a scarf with fun colors or a scarf that is longer. This tie actually works best with a longer styled scarf.  Leave your right side end much longer than the left. Take the left side behind and allow it to hang loosely. Take your long end around your front, behind the back of your neck, then repeat again. Now your ends should be roughly the same length.

The Blanket Scarf

The simple drape of a blanket scarf can guard against the cold and look super cute. This style of wear is perfect for cooler weather and those days when the sun decides to come out and warm up your winter day. The blanket scarf is easy to throw on and easy to take off if you warm up. To wear the blanket scarf in a simple drape simply lay it across the back or your neck or across your shoulder blades so that each end of the scarf hangs evenly.
There are soo many ways to style that adorable scarf you picked up for this season. These are just a couple of the simplest ways to tie and style your scarf. Whether you wear a scarf to for practical reasons like keeping warm, for stylish reasons like spicing up the sweater look, or for both reasons, these style tips will keep you looking adorable without the hassle of complicated knots.

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