Spice Up Your Seasonal Wardrobe With This Street Style Trend: Patterned Pants

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, cooler weather is moving in and with it a change of wardrobe for most. With impending winter and chilly temperatures, most of us are trading out our shorts and skirts for our basic denim jeans and dark-colored dress slacks. These winter basics are a seasonal go-to for a reason. They’re practical and they’re easy to coordinate with. However, they can sometimes be just as depressing as the fact that it’s now dark when you drive to work and home from work. Don’t get stuck in a wardrobe cabin fever! There is an easy street style approved way to add some personality and color back into your seasonal wardrobe: patterned pants!
We’ve watched and we’re anxious to see if the trend stuck around but patterned pants have been a street style staple for the past few seasons. You’ll often see the experts pairing these jolting pants with equally bright tops and jackets. But we have good news, patterned pants are actually pretty easy to style. A simple way to create an ensemble is this - no matter what the pattern is, opt for a neutral top. This avoids giving your pants competition. Pair them with a neutral sweater or blouse, blazer combo.
Then, as you grow more confident in your patterned pant adventures, you can step things up by adding the brightly colored top. Eventually, you may even be so bold as to head out in your day in a patterned suit or mix prints like the pros.
Now you may be asking yourself, what type of patterns are suitable for a fall or winter wardrobe? Simple answer: anything goes. Let your personality and confidence level determine how wild you go. From floral to leopard print, you be the judge. Even plaid is a go! The experts say the more colorful -  the better. We say if you feel confident in it - rock it!
Dead set on wearing denim this year? Not in your comfort level to throw a pair of patterned pants in the mix? No worries, spice up your fall wardrobe with a brightly colored coat or scarf instead! It’ll help chase away the dark colored blues and make you feel sassy!
Break out of you wardrobe rut this season and see how bold you can go. Patterned pants have made their way to the streets and are brightening up this season already! How about you? Will you be jumping into the patterned pants trend?

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