6 Style Lessons Learned From Watching Cult Favorite Movie, The Great Gatsby

And no, I don't mean the Leo version.


The roaring twenties mark a period in time where men and women freed themselves from the stiff culture that had ruled society up until that point.  The twenties is the decade of the flappers, and groundbreaking political and social change.  During this period of mass change, different ways of dressing and party culture became the new way of life.  Let's take a look at some major styling moments from the 1974 movie classic, The Great Gatsby.


1.  There is always an occasion to wear white.



Throughout the movie, it seems as though everyone in this upper-class, Long Island neighborhood wears white.  In the opening scene, Daisy and her professional golf friend, Jordan Baker are seen lounging in Daisy's beautiful mansion wearing luxurious white linens.  But even all of the money in the world can't seem to hinder Daisy's unhappiness.  Her sheer, metallic polka dotted shirt is layered over a white slip and embellished with a white scarf and of course, an endless string of white pearls.  The white theme doesn't stop there.  The decor found in this over-the-top mansion is dreamy, all in white.  Even the men are in on this white trend, with white seeming to symbolize wealth and power.  This just goes to show that white will forever be the classic and polished summer look.


2.  Diamonds (and pearls) are a girl's best friend.



The women in this movie are dripping in diamonds and pearls.  One can't help but be envious of the jewelry boxes of these leading ladies.  Long pearl necklaces dominate each scene, with diamond earrings and necklaces finishing off each extravagant look.  The women also like to mix and match jewelry for their 'more is more' aesthetic.  This time period demonstrates the excessive wealth of the people of East Egg, which was very commonplace due to the booming economy during this decade.


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3.  Party like it's the 1920's (or at least take style cues from it).



When Daisy shows up to Gatsby's party, her outfit is unlike anything you would see today.  From her embellished head piece, to this jaw dropping coat, she exudes pure royalty.  Although an ensemble like this may not be practical for today's more laid back and casual lifestyle, I can't help but admire and appreciate the outlandish style of Daisy Buchanan.


4.  Layer and stack your jewelry as much as possible.



Throughout the movie, the women are seen wearing their most luxurious jewelry at all times.  Of course, the 1920's are known for the emergence of the "flapper" and these women reflect this trend with elegance.  Their choice in dress and accessories may be more extravagant than the minimalistic trend we see today, but we can certainly see similarities in style and taste.  Of course, layering is still popular, but with more simple and elegant pieces.  Although the trend in jewelry shifts from minimalism to bold, statement making pieces, we can appreciate these stylish women sporting their finest diamonds and pearls.


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5.  When attending a fancy party, be sure to wear a fancy hat.



These lovely ladies give the Kentucky Derby a run for it's money.  Hats back during this time were a wardrobe staple.  These over-the-top hats seen at numerous parties are unique and beautiful and very commonplace at the affluent parties the characters attend throughout the movie.


6.  Every girl should own a statement necklace...or two.


Take note from Jordan Baker, who sports a statement-making necklace in various scenes.  Each of her necklaces feature a natural stone pendant at the end of a long string of beads or pearls.  The fringe detail at the end of her necklace also feels very contemporary, with fringe earrings and details coming back in style recently.  A long, statement necklace is a perfect way to embellish an otherwise casual outfit.


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