Seven Photos That Prove That The Matrix Style Sunglasses Were the It Glasses of the Summer

With the 90's back in full swing, designers and stylists seem to be taking inspiration from unlikely sources.  This summer, the sunglasses of the season are frames that just barely cover the eyes.  With Instagram "It Girls" and some of the most in-demand models sporting these tiny glasses, it's no wonder these frames have gained so much traction.  And who wouldn't want to channel Keanu Reeves and company with their sleek black ensembles worn throughout the movie.  It seems that some other fashion trends may have taken note from this hit 90's classic.  Dark, mysterious looks from shiny, black PVC coats and combat boots, to long trenches have taken over runways and the streets in recent months.  Let's take a look at some of the best styles sporting these matrix-inspired frames.



Kendall Jenner is certainly no stranger to fabulous street style looks.  This Kar-Jenner was one of the firsts to showcase these futuristic frames.



Another street style star, Bella Hadid, takes note from the bad guys in The Matrix.  These stunner shades seem to resemble Agent Smith's boxy frames from the movie.


Gigi Hadid channels Morpheus in these barely there glasses.  These glasses will earn you all of the style points, but don't expect them to shade your eyes from the sun!

Although Hadid looks amazing in these circular frames, Morpheus is the OG, sporting these frames that clip onto the nose.



Hailey Baldwin takes a different route by replacing the usual black frames with mirrored purple colored lenses.  You can channel the model's look with Le Specs x Adam Selman collection, featuring different variations of these fashion forward frames.


Gigi Hadid also showcased the style in her Vogue x Gigi Hadid collection of sunglasses.


The eldest Kardashian takes a stab at this style accentuating her all black ensemble with a pop from her bright red shoes.  It will interesting to see Kourtney's wardrobe evolve with the help of new stylist Dani Michelle.



Rihanna is no stranger to debuting the latest and craziest trends.  This style frame seems to be this fashion icon's go-to, especially after viewing her collaboration with Dior.

The collaboration between the pop star and French fashion house resulted in a line of frames from the future, with the shades retailing for a whopping $900. 



Emma's casual-cute style looks a little more fashion forward with the help of these rectangular shades.

We have to admit...the bad guys in the movie do have great taste.


Achieving this style is more accessible than ever with many retailers supplying their customers with glasses that are fashionable and affordable.  And with summer winding down, there is still time so don't miss out on the summer trend of 2017!

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